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Far Cry 5's map editor includes bits from Assassin's Creed and Watch Dogs

The possibilities...!

The Far Cry 5 map editor will include bits and pieces from other Ubisoft games, Ubi announced today, which should let players create places far beyond rural America - and the modern day. A number of assets from Watch Dogs, Far Cry 4, the prehistoric Far Cry Primal, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (the pirate one), and Assassin's Creed Unity (the French one) will be thrown in. I'm so up for building a Virtuaparis monster truck obstacle course. It sounds like Ubisoft are planning to make a real go of player-made maps, building around them something they call the Far Cry Arcade.

The editor will support creating maps for singleplayer, cooperative, and competitive play, across a number of modes. As is customary for the series, Far Cry 5's map editor is a friendly-looking tool which lets players sculpt terrain then plonk prefab objects down. It may not be as complex as Hammer or UEd but on the bright side, it's not as complex as Hammer or UEd.

It'll have over 9000 objects, which Ubisoft say is more than any other Far Cry editor. More items will arrive over time too. Ubi are planning to release at least six updates bringing new objects, including bits from Far Cry 5's add-ons. When the paid DLCs are released, Ubi will roll their bits out to the editor, which might prove interesting considering the packs trip across the Vietnam War, zombie B movies, and fighting spiders on Mars.

Ubi are building the editor into an ecosystem they call Far Cry Arcade. It'll include a website listing maps, profiles, and other Steam Workship-ish doodads. Ubisoft plan to release new maps of their own onto it too, as well as holding weekly Arcade events.

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Folks from the Ian Games Network have played a bit, returning with videos of maps from crateyard shootyshots to labyrinthine walk-o-horror. The Arcade's built in bleepybloopy faux-retro framing menus and sound effects are weird on a map that's not about shooting people in the face.

I've often shouted in the RPS treehouse that Ubisoft should do more with all the art assets they carefully create for their sandbox iconathons then ditch by the next year, so this sounds jolly sensible.

Far Cry 5 is due out on March 27th. Oh, and I guess this other new trailer shows some of the paid DLC coming after that:

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