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Farming Simulator 19 bwamp-bwamps a new trailer


Y'remember when folks were making Farming Simulator videos set to pounding electronic music, then irony slipped and loads of people realised they actually quite liked virtual harvesting? It might seem one of those folks has ended up working on the game, going by a new official trailer for Farming Simulator 19 which oontch-oontch-bwamp-bwamped out today. Turns out, yep, I still find that juxtaposition funny, and still when it's meant earnestly, so here's me sharing the video with you. Check out the hot cotton action below.

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Heck yeah that's where cotton comes from. That crop is one of this year's additions, along with rideable horses (OH HELL YES) and John Deere tractors.

I had been fascinated to read that Farming Simulator's makers have considered the ethics of licensing brands, wary of pesticides and companies like Monsanto. Then commenter "thenevernow" pointed out that John Deere use DRM to control repairs and upgrades and well then that's certainly something and oh dear I now see the fight is going poorly for farmers. What a wonder the modern world is.

Farming Simulator 19 is due to launch for Windows and Mac on November 20th, hitting Steam priced at £30/€35/$35. It's made by Giants Software and published by Focus Home Interactive and oh my god I've just seen this banner on its Steam page:

Chuffin' A.

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