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Final Fantasy 14’s new motorcycle mount has its adorable chocobo ride shotgun

Best save your gil

The Warrior of Light and a companion ride Final Fantasy 14's Garlond GL-I mount accompanied by chocobo Alpha in the sidecar
Image credit: Square Enix

Final Fantasy 14 has dozens of mounts, ranging from familiar Final Fantasy chocobos and monsters to some incredible elemental horses, birds and robots. Then there’s the even wilder rides available, from space whales, sentient vegetables and flying beds to witches’ brooms, ghosts and a literal disembodied head. Even so, its latest mount might somehow be one of its best yet.

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The Garlond GL-I was recently added to the paid store for Final Fantasy 14’s cosmetics and mounts. Garlond GL-I is a bit of a rubbish name, and fails to get across what makes this mount so darn exciting: a cute lil chocobo.

In short, the Garlond GL-I is a motorcycle with a sidecar. It’s a mount for two players, but the second player doesn’t go in the sidecar. Oh no: it’s already taken.

Filling the sidebar is Alpha, the adorable chocobo who’ll be a familiar face to veteran FF14 players from his appearance in the MMO’s Stormblood and Endwalker expansions. Alpha takes pride of place riding shotgun in the mount, leaving the second player to hang off the back of the sidecar instead. It’s only right.

The Garlond GL-I is officially a release for this year’s Fan Festival events, which kick off later this week in Las Vegas, before heading over to the UK in October and Tokyo next January. If you don’t already have tickets to the US or UK festivals, good luck getting any: after a random lottery for entry, general tickets sold out within seconds.

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Still, if you missed out on tickets, you can still pick up the events’ mount over on the FFXIV Store. It’ll set you back $33.30/£22.50 - although that’s currently a sale from its usual price of $37/£25. Bargain.

The other new additions to the FF14 store are less exciting, but also a darn sight cheaper than the mount. The Advent of Light emote lets you do a kind of jump into a superhero landing pose, while three different cheering emotes let you waggle glowsticks in the air (there’s a bundle for all three). Elsewhere, there’s a couple of new orchestrion rolls, a set of new summer sunset clothes and an “authentic” summer bonfire. The summer sale will run until August 16th.

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