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Fortnite burger mascot survives interdimensional journey

Southland Tales 2 is lookin' good

Uh. Okay. Where to start here? So, last weekend, you might remember that within the world of Fortnite (a video game) a one-time event occurred when a rocket was launched from a secret underground bunker and tore a hole in the sky (of a video game). What does that giant rip in the fabric of space-time mean for the game? No one knows. What we do know is that, around the same time, an in-game burger mascot disappeared and just turned up in the middle of the desert (not in a video game). So. Uh. What does this mean? I guess Durr Burger is opening franchises.

Post-SkyTear, smaller rifts started opening up and on the game map and sucking up fan favorite landmarks, including Tomatohead and the Greasy Grove's Durrr Burger, which have now disappeared. At least in game.

Here's footage of the Durrrsappearing act.

And here is what CA based photographer Sela Shiloni found while he was on a Palmdale location scouting trip. He claims. Hmmm.

You know. Just a completely normal situation to stumble upon.

The burger is surrounded by signs saying “this site is unstable, beware of possible effects” and “if you can read this you’re in range of the anomaly." As you can see below, there's also a police car with a few Fortnight-ish touches.

I'm really glad that Fortnite has gone full Last Action Hero transmedia, and that perhaps video game nonsense is plummeting from the sky in the California desert. Is this a tease for a new desert based map (in a video game)? Only time-travel will tell.

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