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Fortnite taunts us all with the No Sweat Summer event

What a bunch of bananas

It’s fair to say that this hasn’t been the coolest week on record in many places around the world, so I’m giving Fortnite the side-eye for the No Sweat Summer event that’s running until August 9th. It’s a bit daft, as you’d expect from Epic Games’ battle royale by this point. You’ll get the opportunity to boogie down, race boats and help rebuild Tilted Towers. Watch the trailer below and marvel at how they can all dance without keeling over.

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There are three kinds of No Sweat Quests to complete during the event. Sponsorship quests (available starting July 21st-23rd) see you wandering around with a No Sweat sign, taking part in boat races and making other players dance. Marketing quests (available starting July 24th-27th) require dancing yourself, pulling stunts with your boat, and handing out ‘sweet treats’. The final kind are Product Recall quests (available starting July 28th-August 3rd), which, well… they don’t go into details. All these net you XP. Doing three quests will unlock the Nana Frost Style of the Ice-Blasted Snow Crunchem Back Bling, seven the Sweaty Sailer Glider, and 14 a Sweaty Rotation Emote that lets you do some sick sign spinning.

When you’re not partying during No Sweat Summer though, you could be helping out in the Rebuild The Block Quest for XP and item rewards. There’s three categories of quest: donating bars for voting on construction projects on The Block, surviving storm phases during the Rebuild The Block event running concurrently with No Sweat Summer, and eliminating other players during Rebuild The Block. Finishing three quest stages will earn you the Sea-Wheeeed Contrail, seven will land a Lucky Lance Pickaxe, and a hefty 12 will score a Oro-Boris Back Bling.

If you’re fed up of all the questing then you can even go on holiday from your holiday by visiting some of the No Sweat Summer islands, made by creators. They’re zones of pure chill, I gather. You could always take a trip to Sanctuary too, and join the ongoing beach party there.

Fortnite’s No Sweat Summer event has already begun, and runs through until August 9th. You can read the full event details here. Now have a great weekend, and just chill.

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