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Bug your pals: Ghost Recon Wildlands beta pre-loading

Are you in?

Pre-loading has started for the Ghost Recon Wildlands [official site] closed beta test that'll kick off tomorrow. Keys are still going out in waves so if you signed up for a chance to play, check the beta registration page to see your status. If you haven't signed up, hey, folks who are accepted do get to invite three of their pals too, so start bugging your warbuds. Wildlands is curious one, taking the open-world style of modern Far Cries, taking it to third-person tactical action, giving you squadmates, and amping up the imperialism. Gameplay videos make it look a bit of a lark, at least.

The closed beta will start on Friday and run until Monday the 6th. [Update: Ubi confirm it'll start at 11am GMT and end at 11 GMT on Monday] Here's what Ubi say is in the beta:

"During this Closed Beta, you will be able to discover the very first hours of Ghost Recon Wildlands in the province of Itacua, one of the 21 regions of our massive open world. You will be able to fully explore this area and complete main story missions, but you will also be able to engage in side activities. The full gameplay loop is available for you to discover as well as the character customization and the gunsmith feature."

You might also find Ubi's beta status page a useful place to see if you're in.

Elsewhere in Ubibetas, For Honor is holding an open beta test next week, letting all and sundry stab each other.

Little-known fact: Wildlands is the video game adaptation of a Duran Duran song.

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