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Lots Of Stealthy Murder In Ghost Recon Wildlands Trailer


Oye! Ghost Recon Wildlands [official site] has a new 12-minute trailer showing off a stealthy night-time mission. We last saw Ubisoft’s latest Clancy-em-up at E3 when they went through the same level during the daytime in a slightly louder and more explosive manner. I am happy to report that this one is much quieter. And by that I mean there is no phony banter and combat chatter between the players. Only a nice man with a nice voice explaining things as the team goes about their silent killing spree. Come watch it and nod approvingly.

Watch on YouTube

I think my favourite moment is when the lights get killed and a baddie gets a few shots off, making everyone jumpy. Then the rebels get released and things become chaotic. I know that this is a heavily planned demonstration – something that very likely took the creators of the video multiple takes – but there is something very satisfying and ‘action movie’ about the way it all goes down. Well done, video team.

In this sequel the Ghosts are romping around an open-world Bolivia and having a go at the War On Drugs. Typical. You’ll be able to play co-op with three of your severe, anti-drug pals, but you can also choose to trust in AI partners. Adam killed some people during a hands-on and came back happy with the way things looked. There were none of the Division’s bullet sponges, he reported, but he didn’t get a look at just how efficient these single-player bots will be. I guess we will know on March 7.

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