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Gloomhaven's first DLC adds cultists and new mercenaries

Jaws Of The Lion is out next month

Flaming Fowl Studios and Asmodee Digital are expanding their digital adaptation of dungeon-crawling tabletop sensation Gloomhaven with its first DLC, starring a perennial favourite: cultists.

Jaws Of The Lion is out on May 17th and promises more than 30 hours of new dungeony stuff. That’s a lot of chanting about eldritch horrors. The board game’s designer, Isaac Childres, is overseeing “tweaks and balance”, say Asmodee.

Your mercenaries will need to complete the second scenario of Gloomhaven before they can access Jaws Of The Lion’s 25 new scenarios, plus more enemy types and extra city events. There’s also four extra mercenaries across the Story and Guildmaster campaigns – Red Guard, Hatchet, Demolitionist and Void Warden – to send to their potential dooms. Glooms?

It all sounds very ominous judging from Asmodee’s blurb:

“Cultists and vermlings roam the undercity and people disappear night after night. Sinister rumors are spreading, with some speaking of otherworldly howls, strange voices, and blood... so much blood…”

Jaws Of The Lion is, unsurprisingly, an adaptation of a standalone expansion that was released in 2020 for the physical board game. Childres tried to make Jaws Of The Lion more accessible than base Gloomhaven, but we’ll see if that transfers over in its digital form.

In his Gloomhaven review back in October, Nic thought it was “not just a great tactics game in its own right, but a gateway to introduce the Monopoly-scarred to how nifty, gratifying, and ambitious the best digital board games have become over the last several years.”

You’ll be able to sit down at the digital table again on Steam and GOG for £14/€17/$18. Jaws of the Lion is already up for pre-order on Steam with a 15% discount. If you want to play in co-op then you’ll all need to fork out for the DLC.

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