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Growbot gets a new trailer, looks as charming as ever

Point and slick

2D point-and-click puzzler Growbot [official site] caught Pip's eye last year with a trailer showing a wonderful hand-drawn art style. However, it didn't give too much away about what you'd actually be doing in the game, and mainly showed characters standing in one spot. Enter a new video, released last week, that sheds a bit more light on the mysterious world.

It gives me real Machinarium vibes: the puzzles all look relatively straightforward but mechanically satisfying. Clearly, a lot of care has been poured into each interaction. You'll be turning levers, matching shapes, arranging flowers and exploring a space ship that has been overrun by quickly growing crystals and dense greenery.

And, thankfully, it looks just as great when the characters are moving as when they're static. Plus, there's an adorable white fluffy hologram called Star Belly who has a universe inside his tummy. Isn't that sweet?

Watch on YouTube

Here's the official spiel:

"Growbot is a 2D point-and-click adventure game in which you play as Nara, a student growbot on her first day of training on board a space station. Before you can begin learning about your new home’s ecosystem of alien flowers and strange creatures, an attack by an unknown force infests the station with large and quickly growing crystals.

"With communication cut off, you venture out of your room in search of help. Along the way you must make new friends, fix the station's strange machinery, and discover the origins of the crystalline force spreading throughout the station."

There's no word on a release date yet, but the game does have a Steam page if you fancy tracking its progress. There's also a regular stream of videos on the game's official site if you want to explore it in more detail.

[Disclosure: Growbot is made by Lisa Evans, who is our Graham's partner. I didn't actually know this until halfway through writing this post.]

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