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Growing Up, Blowing Up: Indie Royale Graduation Bundle

I'm incredibly proud to announce that Indie Royale has finally graduated. I haven't the foggiest idea of what it's actually graduated from, but it has one of those fun dangly tassel hats now, so that means it's probably smarter than me. Before it goes off and writes the next great American novel while aboard a rocket of its own construction made from inferior American novels, however, it's putting more indie games on sale. Six more of them, in fact - including the debut of retro-themed zombie-blasting RPG Dead Pixels. "But wait," you might say, tossing around high-level math like some kind of graduate-school-bound indie bundle, "that's only one game; where are the other five?" Be educated after the break.

There's also Ice-pick Lodge's equal parts strange, difficult, excellent, and "the" Void, modern subterfuge classic The Ship, [utterly brilliant - John] light-and-dark-centric teleportation puzzler 1000 Amps, and exploration platformer featuring something called an "Owlfriend" LaserCat. In addition, each bundle includes an AirMech beta key and special graduation cap item. It grants you five percent bonus XP, which blah blah blah inaccurate, one-sided joke about effectiveness of college educations blah.

You've got six days to take advantage. Otherwise, you'll have to wait until blah blah blah totally accurate joke about the frequency with which indie bundles come out blah. Also, it's a pretty solid package, though I can't weigh in on Dead Pixels just yet. But The Void and The Ship are basically essential if you've never played them before, and AirMech is basically Herzog Zwei with a dash of Advance Wars. So hooray. And you didn't even have to sit through eight hours of speeches and people languidly meandering across a stage while the sun cooked the brain you worked so hard to cultivate.

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