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GTA 5 Heists event wraps up with a $2 trillion challenge

Success scores players a reward before the end of the year

GTA Online’s month-long Heists event concludes on November 30th, and Rockstar are setting the game’s community a challenge to steal a total of $2 trillion in-game over the next week. That would be double what GTA Online players managed during the last Heists Challenge two years ago, when the target was set at the much lower amount of $100 billion. Rockstar are promising a “special reward” later this year if the community hits that $2 trillion total in stolen cash. Buy out Twitter in time for Christmas, maybe?

GTA Online's Criminal Enterprises update this summer let you chuck patrons out of your nightclub.

The last Heists Challenge reward was a free go kart, which was quite cool. If you’re up for the challenge then you just have to hop into any Heist finale before November 30th, and it’ll count towards the community total. It might be worth targeting the Pacific Standard Job during the week, though, because that pays out double the usual in-game cash and reputation experience points up until the end of the month. You’ll also bag a special jumper. There’s always double cash and experience on all Setup missions in classic Heists too, and 1.5 times the payout for all prep missions for The Doomsday Heist. Should get things off to a cushty start.

The Heists event has been running all month. Rockstar experienced something of a heist of their own back in September when their network was compromised, and early development footage of Grand Theft Auto 6 was taken. That ended up spreading around the Internet, but Rockstar issued a statement to say they didn’t expect there’d be any long-term effect on the sequel’s development. A UK teen was arrested in connection with the hack, and later pleaded not guilty in court.

GTA V is on Steam and the Epic Games Store for £25/$30/€30, which includes access to GTA Online. You can read more about the latest Heists Challenge here. We’re still waiting on more word about GTA 6.

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