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Guardians Of The Galaxy game collectibles: how to get every collectible in Guardians Of The Galaxy

Learn how to find all of the Guardians Of The Galaxy game collectibles

Want to know how to get all of the Guardians Of The Galaxy game collectibles? On your journey to save the galaxy, you can find lots of trinkets and collectibles which are often hidden slightly off the main path. If you find these collectibles, you can take them back to the Milano and unlock new conversations with the other Guardians, which reveal details about their past, as well as other lore from across the Marvel universe.

This guide will cover how to find all Guardians Of The Galaxy game collectibles, so that you can stop worrying about missing something important on your playthrough.

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Guardians Of The Galaxy collectibles:

Chapter 1 collectibles

Star-Lord stood in the corner of a room, scoreboard against Rocket at the top of the screen and pink gunk is all over the wall

Collectible 1: Ravager Comm Bracelet

After Quill falls through the ship and is separated from Rocket and Groot, head through the low passage to continue. You’ll come into a room that is filled with grey gunk. You need to shoot the gunk attached to the door on the left to open the way forward, but there’s also some on the right. Shoot it to uncover the Ravager Comm Bracelet.

Star-Lord stands in a corridor with the spinal cord in the corner

Collectible 2: Spinal Control Unit

When you find the first workbench, Quill will fall down another hole… classic. Fight off the enemies and then head forward into the next room. You need to climb up onto the platform above. One side will have the way forward, while the other will have more gunk that you need to quick-reload to destroy. When the gunk is destroyed, you will find the Spinal Control Unit collectible.

Chapter 2 collectibles

Star-Lord stands in Nikki's hideout, pink screens up ahead with crates on the floor nearby.

Collectible 3: Broken Translation Device

After being separated from the rest of the Guardians, you will follow Nikki through the Nova Corps ship. When you reach Nikki’s hideout, head over to the pink computer screens to find the broken translation device.

Chapter 3 collectibles

Star-Lord standing on cliff edge with collectible on ground below circled

Collectible 4: Chitauri Sear-Cuffs

When you find the Chitauri bomber, you can ask Gamora to help you scale a wall. When you're at the top, turn back and shoot down the container. You need to take this to the other side of the bomber to continue with the level, but ignore that for now. First, stand on the container and face the direction opposite to the wall you climbed. You'll see a large cliff that you can scale using the container.

Ask Drax to move the container over to the cliff and then climb up. When you're at the top, you need to jump off the other side and use your jet boots to reach a lower platform. Look on the edge of this platform to find the Chitauri Sear-Cuffs.

Chapter 4 collectibles

Star-Lord standing near Drax, circled crates up ahead cover Assassin Ring

Collectible 5: Gamora’s Assassin Ring (Sell Groot)

As you explore Hellbender's fortress, you will sneak through a large room filled with guards. When you leave, you'll eventually come to a circular room with a large hole in the middle. Star-Lord will make a Death Star reference as he stares into the pit, whilst the rest of the teams split into adjacent rooms. Follow Drax into his room and look by the right wall to find the Assassin Ring by some crates.

Star-Lord surrounded by treasure in Hellbender's vault, large skull mounted on wall

Collectible 5: Gamora’s Assassin Ring (Sell Rocket)

In Lady Hellbender’s vault, look for the door with the structural weakness. Head right past it and look between some of Hellbender’s treasure to find the Assassin Ring near some components.

Chapter 5 collectibles

Star-Lord stands near Groot, who is pointing at a collectible

Collectible 6: Groot’s Cold Case File

After routing the power into the door and continuing through the Nova Corps ship, you’ll come to a room with rows of desks on either side. As you enter the room and go down the stairs, take a look to the left to find a cube with some of Groot’s roots inside. If you can’t find it, wait for Groot to enter and he’ll walk over and point to the cube.

Chapter 6 collectibles

Star-Lord stands near Collector's hologram head at shop

Collectible 7: Collector’s Emporium Doll

As you wander around Knowhere, you’ll find Taneleer Tevan’s emporium, otherwise known as the Collector’s museum. Buy a ticket to get inside and browse around the various items within, including Throg and Kang’s Time Chair. Very fancy. Once you’re done marvelling at the collection, head towards the exit and go to the gift shop to buy a doll for Gamora. It will cost 2000 units, but you get the collectible upon purchase.

Chapter 7 collectibles

Star-Lord stares at a locked door that is down some steps

Collectible 8: Drax’s Rap Sheet

After reactivating the gravity on Hala’s Hope, follow the path through the starting room and the corridors that lead out. As you walk, you’ll have to duck under some debris before approaching some yellow containers that you must pass between. Before squeezing through the gap, look to the right to find a locked door. If you got Nikki’s Passkey during Chapter 2, you can unlock this door and find Drax’s Rap Sheet inside.

Star-Lord stood by Ko'Rel's desk, flag is in corner with Commendation Star on the ground. Writing is scrawled on window and other surfaces

Collectible 9: Galactic War Commendation

When you enter Ko’Rel’s office, head over to the main desk. There’s a flag behind it. On the floor by the flag, you’ll find the Commendation star.

Chapter 8 collectibles

Star-Lord stood on a container, Deep Mine Device on floor, Workbench in corridor below

Collectible 10: Deep Mine Device

After finding the Comms room, you’ll have to continue through the Hala’s Hope. Follow the team into the next room and head over to the workbench. At the workbench, turn right and jump up onto the ledge. The Deep Mine Device collectible is hidden on this platform.

Chapter 10 collectibles

Star-Lord stands on rocky ridge staring into chasm

Collectible 11: Mourning Candle

After the first enemy encounter in the cave, hug the left wall on the main path away to find a gap you can squeeze through. When you’re through, jump over to the icy path and follow it around. Then, climb the ledges to the top to find some components and the Mourning Candle.

Star-Lord stands on ridge next to collectible, stares down into cave where Mantis is controlling Drax

Collectible 12: Meditation Stone

After adventuring through the cave and acquiring the Wind element blasters, you’ll fight your way through some Chitauri, Nova officers, and other imaginary enemies. Continue through the cave until the next fight. After completing the second encounter, look right to see a giant head with a green bar on the front. Use your wind blaster on the head to move it out of the way, destroy the gunk underneath, and continue through the passage. As you move through this corridor, make sure to freeze the burst rocks that are spewing out gas. At the end of this passage, you’ll find a ledge with the collectible overlooking your team.

Chapter 12 collectibles

Star-Lord stood on platform staring across at more platforms surrounded by graffiti

Collectible 13: Glarnot Mask

Continue through the market until you come to an intersection. Ahead, there will be some vending machines with a lore note. On the right are some cables that Gamora can cut to continue through the main mission. To the left, you’ll find a group of enemies. Head left and kill the enemies. When you complete the encounter, look for the broken barrier and hop down onto the platforms below. Jump across the gap to another platform to find the Glarnot Mask collectible.

Chapter 13 collectibles

Gamora hangs from a cliff face, Star Lord stands in the snow below. Red mountains surround them

Collectible 14: Xatar’s Blade

After leaving the cave and killing some more enemies, Groot will create another bridge. On the other side, have Gamora help you scale the wall and look around on the small ridge to find Xatar’s Blade in the snow.

Star-Lord in snowy forest, other Guardians are nearby, red plants are circled

Collectible 15: Deeproot Plant

Eventually, you’ll come to another cave. Make your way through, and keep an eye out when you leave. As you walk forward, you’ll see the Wendigo run across a bridge. Continue forward until you hop over a short ledge. Then, look right to see some large red plants in the distance. Move along the rock face until you reach the red plants, and then look on the floor to find the collectible.

That’s everything you need to know to find all of the Guardians Of The Galaxy game collectibles. If you want to kick names and take ass in style, check out the Guardians Of The Galaxy outfit locations. If you want to get more hidden dialogue and conversations, take a look at how you can convince the Worldmind to fight Grand Unifier Raker in Chapter 9. If you want to know what we thought about Guardians Of The Galaxy, check out Ed's review.

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