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Guardians Of The Galaxy game chapters: how many chapters are there in Guardians Of The Galaxy?

Find out how many chapters there are in Guardians Of The Galaxy

Want to know how many chapters there are in Guardians Of The Galaxy? This planet-hopping adventure takes you on the cosmic ride of your life in an original Guardians Of The Galaxy story, involving plenty of punching, shooting, and generally jumping around with jet boots. Throughout the adventure, you'll come across many classic characters, such as Cosmo the spacedog, Adam Warlock, Mantis, Fin Fang Foom, and Lady Hellbender. However, since it isn't based directly on a certain comic storyline or movie, it can be hard to judge how long you'll actually spend playing Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy.

This guide will break down how many chapters there are in Guardians Of The Galaxy, and explain how long it will take to beat the game.

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How many chapters are there in Guardians Of The Galaxy?

There are 16 chapters in Guardians Of The Galaxy. Here's a full list of every chapter, so that you can find out roughly where you are in the story:

  • Chapter 1: A Risky Gamble
  • Chapter 2: Busted
  • Chapter 3: The Cost of Freedom
  • Chapter 4: The Monster Queen
  • Chapter 5: Due or Die
  • Chapter 6: Between a Rock and a Hard Place
  • Chapter 7: Canine Confusion
  • Chapter 8: The Matriarch
  • Chapter 9: Desperate Times
  • Chapter 10: Test of Faith
  • Chapter 11: Mind Over Matter
  • Chapter 12: Knowhere To Run
  • Chapter 13: Against All Odds
  • Chapter 14: Into The Fire
  • Chapter 15: Broken Promises
  • Chapter 16: Magus

How long is Guardians Of The Galaxy?

You can expect Guardians Of The Galaxy to take between 15 and 20 hours to complete. This is assuming that you don’t struggle with any particular fight, so expect that number to rise a bit if you play on the hardest difficulty.

Since Guardians is a linear adventure, there aren’t many chances to go off the main path and explore, meaning most playthroughs will take a similar amount of time. Chapter 6 does give you some freedom to explore Knowhere and wonder the marketplace in search of various goods, such as a disabler, but overall it won't really affect your playtime by much. Likewise certain decisions that you make, such as choosing to sell Groot or Rocket, or convincing the Worldmind to fight against Grand Unifier Raker, will change the story, but won't significantly impact your playtime.

There are also lots of collectibles and outfits which are usually hidden, so expect to spend a little bit of time hunting those down too.

With most comics taking a few minutes to read, and only a handful of appearances in the MCU, you probably haven’t spent as long as you’d hope with this crew. Square Enix’s Guardians Of The Galaxy game might actually be the longest chance we get to spend with one incarnation of the team through a single storyline, so it’s a real treat for those of you eager to get some more time with this group of galactic mercenaries.

That covers everything you need to know about how many chapters there are in Guardians Of The Galaxy. Of course, if you are playing on one of the higher difficulties, make good use of our tips and tricks guide to ensure you don't get stuck whilst fighting a particularly difficult enemy. If you want to know what we thought about Guardians Of The Galaxy, check out Ed's review.

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