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Guardians Of The Galaxy: should you pay the Nova Corps fine?

Learn whether to pay the Nova Corps fine or not

Want to know whether to pay the fine or not in Guardians Of The Galaxy? After talking to the Worldmind in chapter 9, you will have the option to pay the Nova Corps fine that you incurred after escaping the Quarantine Zone and running into the Hala’s Hope in Chapter 2. Some decisions can have large and unexpected consequences in Guardians Of The Galaxy, so a bit of foresight is worth having if you want the best outcome when deciding whether to pay the Nova Corps fine or not.

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Should you pay the fine or not in Guardians Of The Galaxy?

The decision of whether or not to pay the fine in Guardians Of The Galaxy largely comes down to what matters more to you personally. No, not in a galactic-ethics sense. Forget morals. We mean whether you prefer trophies/achievements, or extra dialogue.

If you are an achievement hunter and want to 100% Guardians Of The Galaxy, then you should pay the fine, as this unlocks the “Galactic Frugality” trophy/achievement. The fine will either be 7000 or 8000 Units, depending on whether you hid the space llama or Rocket’s weaponry during the Nova Corps search in chapter 2. Therefore, choosing to pay the fine means you need to save lots of Units, limiting your options when exploring Knowhere in Chapter 6.

If you don’t pay the fine, you get to access a lot of extra cutscenes and dialogue that you might otherwise have to skip. For example, you can shop around on Knowhere and buy a variety of different items, such as a ticket to the Collector’s emporium, or a doll for Gamora, which is one of the collectibles in Guardians Of The Galaxy. Sure, you might fall victim to a few scams, like the disabler, but you really shouldn’t come to Knowhere and expect any different.

If you choose not to pay the fine, you’ll also unlock an extra cutscene at the end of the game. In this scene, the Nova Corps disable the Milano, since the Guardians Of The Galaxy are technically still in debt, despite having saved everyone from Grand Unifier Raker.

That’s everything you need to know about whether to pay the fine or not in Guardians Of The Galaxy. If you need some more help with saving everyone from the Promise, check out our Guardians Of The Galaxy tips and tricks. The Guardians always save the galaxy in style, so make sure to take a look at all of the Guardians Of The Galaxy outfit locations. If you want to know what we thought about Guardians Of The Galaxy, check out Ed’s review.

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