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Guardians Of The Galaxy outfits: every outfit location in Guardians Of The Galaxy game

Save the galaxy in style with every outfit in Guardians Of The Galaxy

Want to know how to get every outfit in Guardians Of The Galaxy? Star-Lord loves to look stylish, so there are plenty of outfits to collect in Guardians Of The Galaxy. Each Guardian has their own set of outfits, each taken from different Guardians storylines from the comics and movies. They're often hidden in secret passages, just like collectibles, so you might struggle to find them if you're focusing on the main story.

This guide will cover where to get every outfit in Guardians Of The Galaxy, so that you can relax and enjoy the story whilst knowing that you won't miss any costumes. You won't find outfits in every chapter, so don't panic when you notice some are missing. Below, we've listed every chapter in which you can find outfits.

Guardians Of The Galaxy outfit locations:

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Chapter 1 outfit locations

Star-Lord standing next to an outfit box with pop up message about Rocket's movie outfit in Guardians Of The Galaxy

Outfit 1: Rocket MCU outfit

Early in the first level, which is set in the Quarantine Zone, the path will split. Rocket will suggest going left, but take the other route to find his MCU outfit. Follow the path on the right until you come to a dead end, and then turn back around. Look slightly off to the left of your current walkway. You'll see a door just below. Hop down and go through the door to grab some components, and then turn right to find an outfit box containing Rocket's MCU outfit.

Star Lord standing at a barrier in Guardians of the Galaxy with a small hole to the right that leads to an outfit.

Outfit 2: Groot MCU outfit

After the cutscene in which you find an infinity stone and reunite with Groot, you'll pass through a door and regain control of Star-Lord. Immediately turn right and head through the small hole to find an outfit box.

Chapter 2 outfit locations

Star-Lord handcuffed staring at outfit box by yellow crates

Outfit 3: Nova-Lord outfit

After escaping the Quarantine Zone, you will be arrested by the Nova Corps. When Quill and Nikki are separated from the rest of the group during the arrest, follow her through the ship. After a little bit, you will help her push a crate to block some fire, allowing you both to pass. Here, the path forks. Nikki heads through a gap to the right, but you can find this outfit through the left passage. Squeeze through the gaps to find the outfit crate.

Chapter 3 outfit locations

Star-Lord on a cliff edge with outfit box at the end

Outfit 4: Gamora MCU outfit

On Seknarf Nine, after crossing the lightning platforms, you end up in a jungle where Gamora notices some monster tracks. Before following the tracks, head right and down towards a small cave entrance. Split from your team and head into the cave to find some more jelly baddies that you must defeat alone. After killing them, continue through the cave and climb up to find Gamora’s MCU outfit.

Star-Lord opening an outfit box on a cliff with Seknarf Nine in the background

Outfit 5: Groot Five Horsemen Of The Apocalypse outfit

After getting the monster container and defeating the two slakebeasts on Seknarf Nine, have Groot make a plant bridge to continue. After crossing the bridge, there are geysers you can freeze on the right to follow the path towards Lady Hellbender’s fortress. However, head left to find a secret passage leading up towards a hidden geyser. Freeze this and hop across to find a secret ledge with an outfit box.

Chapter 4 outfit locations

Star-Lord stood on metal walkway near an outfit box with a large red ring in the background

Outfit 6: Drax MCU outfit (sell Rocket)

If you choose to sell Rocket, a shootout will ensue. When you regain control of Star-Lord, a security laser will start approaching. To avoid it, wait for Rocket to blow up the platform on the left and then hop across. Follow it all the way to the end, past the door, and jump the gap to access a new platform. Head up the stairs to find an outfit box with Drax's MCU outfit.

Star-Lord standing at edge of Hellbender's throne room, pink outfit box up ahead

Outfit 6: Drax MCU outfit (sell Groot)

After selling Groot, make your way past the sleeping guards and into Lady Hellbender's Throne Room. When you enter, turn left immediately and follow the room all the way around the edge until you find an outfit box containing Drax's MCU outfit.

Star-Lord in a dark tunnel staring at outfit box by lasers

Outfit 7: Rocket Five Horsemen Of The Apocalypse outfit (sell Rocket)

When you head into the sewers, follow the Guardians until the path forks. They'll head right, but you can go left to find an outfit box.

Star-Lord standing in room illuminated red with crates up ahead. Outfit box on the right and components on the left

Outfit 7: Rocket Five Horsemen Of The Apocalypse outfit (sell Groot)

After taking the elevator down from the Throne Room, you'll enter a room filled with more sleeping guards. Hop over the bench on the right and squeeze through the nearby gap. Continue following this path around and crouch under a large container. On the other side, you'll find Rocket's Five Horseman of the Apocalypse outfit on the right and some components on the left.

Chapter 5 outfit locations

Star-Lord stood by outfit box with Groot staring through door at him

Outfit 8: Drax Nova Corps outfit

In the Nova Corps reception, you must reroute power to the large locked door to progress. The other Guardians will stand by the door and wait for you to open it. However, next to the open office, there is another locked room. Route the power into this door to find a bathroom with the outfit box inside.

Star-Lord stood near outfit box surrounded by yellow machinery

Outfit 9: Groot Nova Corps outfit

After a rather large shootout with the Nova Corps, you will come to a dead end. To continue, you need to follow the other Guardians up onto the platform above. Before doing that, look on the far side of the room (opposite where you came in) to find an outfit box.

Chapter 6 outfit locations

Star-Lord stands near alien at a market stall, stairway up ahead leads to pink plant

Outfit 10: Star-Lord MCU outfit

In the Knowhere market, approach the food stall under the spirit tree. You’ll see three children in a game of standoff near the stall. Interact with the kids to make them move, and then hop over the railing and follow the path around to find a hidden outfit box containing Star-Lord's MCU outfit.

Chapter 7 outfit locations

Star-Lord stood in small room with outfit box on left and doorway on the right

Outfit 11: Rocket Nova Corps outfit

When you reach the Nova core, Rocket will ask you to move the mounting arms. Have Gamora help you scale the walls to move the arms. This will cause Nova guards to flood into the room. Finish the encounter, and then interact with the main console to raise the elevator. When the lift stops, you'll face another combat encounter. Kill the Nova guards and then wait until the doors open.

Enter the room that has the large red screen on the wall opposite the doorway. In this room, there is a platform that Groot can lift. Use this to get to the upper platform, and then crouch through the gap. On the other side, hop over the railing and look right to find a locked door. Opposite this door, you'll see an electricity panel. Shoot the right side of it to open the locked door, allowing you to head into the small room to find an outfit box.

Star-Lord stood in water with outfit box through doorway

Outfit 12: Gamora Nova Corps outfit

During your journey on the Hala’s Hope, you’ll enter into the same tunnels that you explored previously in Chapter 2 whilst under arrest by the Nova Corps with Nikki. When you reach the set of stairs with water at the bottom, you’ll see that the water is electrified. Shoot the switch on the left of the stairwell to deactivate the electricity, and then command Gamora to slice open a section of the wall. Head through the new opening to find an outfit box.

Star-Lord stood on a ledge staring down at outfit box, green lighting illuminates the room.

Outfit 13: Bad-Lord outfit

After breaking out of Nikki’s promise and fighting off some of Raker’s goons, you’ll start your escape from the Hala’s Hope. During this adventure, you’ll come across a large pool of liquid that Rocket seems cautious about. However, you’ll need to jump in to progress. After wading through the liquid, you’ll enter into a new passageway. Right by the entrance, you’ll find a large pillar that Drax can move. Use it to climb on top of the entrance to find a ledge that you can climb to enter an upper room. You’ll find the outfit box inside.

Star-Lord standing in circular room with outfit box nearby some crates. Rest of Guardians team are on the other side of room.

Outfit 14: Drax Cage Match outfit

Whilst escaping the Hala's Hope, you'll board some Skiffs and use them to travel across a large chamber. You'll dock your Skiff multiple times on platforms throughout the chamber. Eventually you'll reach a large circular room, where you dock the Skiff for the last time. Follow the circular room around until you’re opposite the other Guardians. You’ll see an outfit box on the floor by some crates.

Chapter 10 outfit locations

Star-Lord stood next to outfit box inside a waterfall.

Outfit 15: Gamora Five Horsemen Of The Apocalypse outfit

After going into the cave with Mantis, climb up until you reach a stream. Wade through the water towards the waterfall and head through to find a secret room with an outfit box inside.

Star-Lord stood on cliff with outfit box and components nearby

Outfit 16: Rocket Hero of Halfworld outfit

After the second combat encounter in the cave, you will order Rocket to go through a small passage to find the way ahead. Squeeze through the gap he finds and freeze the gas pockets. Then, jump the gap and order Groot to lift the nearby platform. At the top, turn right and climb the rocks to find some components. Then, climb higher and shimmy across the ledge to find an outfit box.

Star-Lord staring at gap in the wall, Groot lights up the room with his ability

Outfit 17: Groot Annihilation Conquest outfit

During Chapter 10, you will fall (again) into a very dark cave. Groot will light the way, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get lost. To find the Annihilation Conquest outfit, keep right in the cave. Follow the wall and hug it all the way round until you find a crack in the wall with a purple glow. Squeeze through the crack to find the outfit box.

Chapter 12 outfit locations

Star-Lord stood on a yellow cable whilst Drax moves container into position. Groot stands nearby

Outfit 18: Drax Thanos Imperative outfit

When you land on Knowhere, complete the initial encounter and then have Drax pull the flashing yellow box that is under the crates opposite the Milano. Hop on top of the container to find an outfit box.

Star-Lord stares into flaming room with outfit box inside. Rocket stands nearby

Outfit 19: Rocket The Smuggler outfit

Head down the elevator into the market and complete the first encounter there. Follow the main path until the yellow cable on the ground leads through a tight gap. Before going through the gap, turn right and use wind shot on the debris to find an outfit box.

Star-Lord uses windshot on debris

Outfit 20: Groot Impaler outfit

Continue through the market until you come to an intersection. On the left, there will be a group of enemies that you can choose to fight. However, you can skip this battle, as the path forward is actually on the right. Have Gamora cut the cables and shimmy across the ledges. Continue along the main path until the team stops and asks you to move a container. Before doing this, look off the edge to the left to find a beam that you can pull with Wind Shot. This will open up a new area which you can follow to find Groot's Impaler outfit.

Star-Lord stands by outfit box with stripey wall nearby

Outfit 21: Gamora Casual Kill outfit

After finding the Impaler outfit, continue until Adam Warlock confronts Raker in a cutscene. Afterwards, you'll fight your way through lots of Nova soldiers and others loyal to Raker. Continue through the mission until you must order Drax to rip a hole in the floor to open up a new path forward. This is part of the main mission, so it can't be missed. When you slide down, immediately turn back and look for a small hole. Crawl through to find an outfit box.

Star-Lord stands on a raised metal walkway next to an outfit box

Outfit 22: Apocalypse-Lord outfit

After attempting to save Cosmo from the promise, continue with the mission until you find the next combat encounter. Fight the enemies and then use wind shot to move a piece of debris, revealing a container that Drax can lift to reach a higher platform. When you’ve climbed up, the rest of the Guardians will head left to follow the main path. However, you can also follow the walkway along to the right and order Gamora to help you scale the wall, which will lead you to a higher platform with an outfit box.

Chapter 13 outfit locations

Star-Lord stands in the snow next to some debris

Outfit 23: Gamora Black Vortex outfit

After defeating your first encounter on Maklu IV, the team will approach some ice that Gamora can cut through. Instead, look right to find scratch marks that she can help you scale. Climb the ledge to find an outfit box across a short gap.

Star-Lord stands in cave with outfit box on left and Gamora in front

Outfit 24: Groot Five o'Clock Sprouts outfit

After defeating the next encounter and ordering Groot to help you cross the chasm, you’ll reach a cave. As soon as you enter, turn right to find a small passage with an outfit box inside.

Guardians of the Galaxy stand in cave whilst Groot lifts a platform with his ability

Outfit 25: War-Lord outfit

After unlocking the fire element for Peter's blasters, make your way through the cave. When you see the exit, turn left and look up to find some ice holding a platform near the roof. Melt the ice to make the platform fall into the water. Get on the platform and ask Groot to lift it, allowing you to find a small ledge with an outfit box.

Star-Lord stands in snow with debris nearby

Outfit 26: Rocket The Stinger outfit

Exit the cave and walk forward to see the Wendigo run across a bridge. Continue forward until you hop over a short ledge and enter the forest. Immediately turn right in the forest and hug the wall as you walk around the edge. Eventually, you'll see some bulbous plants that release gas when you're nearby. Follow these plants over to a slightly raised area, where you will find an outfit box next to a small piece of debris.

Star-Lord stands in cave with Rocket and Gamora; outfit box circled

Outfit 27: Drax Katathian Monk outfit

After the forest, you will come to the burning campsite. Pass through and slide down the ice to continue. When you get to the bottom of the ice slide, look ahead to see some plants on a ridge. Destroy these plants so that they don't hurt you, and then start climbing up towards where they were. You will spot an outfit box at the top.

Chapter 14 outfit locations

Guardians Of The Galaxy in their gold outfits

Outfits 28-32: Golden outfits

When you land on Sacrosanct, the Guardians of the Galaxy will all wear their golden suits, which instantly unlocks the golden outfits.

Star-Lord crouches behind barrier; raised platform circled

Outfit 33: Team-Lord outfit

When you reach the wind tunnel on Sacrosanct, use wind shot to bring up barriers that you can hide behind. Keep an eye on the left as you go through the tunnel to find a large yellow platform that you can climb on. From there, climb to the higher walkway and jump across to the other side of the tunnel to find an outfit box.

Star-Lord stands by outfit box on raised platform whilst other Guardians of the Galaxy stare at him from below

Outfit 34: Drax Five Horsemen Of The Apocalypse outfit

After a while, you will head outside on Sacrosanct and start fighting enemies. This section continues for a while, but you won't find this Drax skin until you're near the end. Continue through the mission until you get your Walkman back from Lady Hellbender, and then slide into the next room. Fight the enemies inside and then continue along the main path and head back outside. Keep going until you cross Groot's bridge. The rest of your team will run ahead towards the next door. However, you can follow the path to the right to find Drax's Apocalypse outfit. Melt the ice with your fire blasters and keep going until you find the outfit box.

Star-Lord stands on ice pillar, gap in wall circled. Other Guardians stand at the side of the pit

Outfit 35: Gamora Chosen Daughter outfit

Much further into chapter 14, after going into the underground mine and fighting through waves of enemies, you will come to some geysers that you must freeze. Eventually, these will take you to a workbench. However, if you turn back from the workbench and hop back on to the frozen pillar, look right to find more geysers that can be frozen. Freeze all three and then jump across and squeeze through the gap to find the Chosen daughter outfit.

Star-Lord in outfit select menu wearing Space Lord outfit

Outfits 36-40: Space-Lord, City-Lord, Social-Lord, Sun-Lord, Sleek-Lord outfits

If you're wondering why you still have so many locked Star-Lord outfits, you can relax. These are unlocked after completing Guardians Of The Galaxy, so you can just relax, kick back, and enjoy the rest of the game. After defeating the final boss, these outfits will be available in future playthroughs and on New Game Plus.

That covers everything you need to know to unlock every outfit in Guardians Of The Galaxy. If you're wondering about some of the choices you made throughout the game, why not take a look to see how you can convince the Worldmind to fight Raker in your next playthrough? If you want to know what we thought about Guardians Of The Galaxy, check out Ed's review.

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