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Guardians Of The Galaxy: should you sell Groot or Rocket?

Learn whether you should sell Groot or Rocket to Lady Hellbender

Want to know whether to sell Groot or Rocket in Guardians Of The Galaxy? After a rather disappointing attempt to capture a monster from the Quarantine Zone, the Guardians Of The Galaxy will incur a large fine from the Nova Corps. In a dire attempt to scrape together some units, you must travel to Seknarf Nine to meet Lady Hellbender, the Monster Queen. When you arrive, you must choose whether to sell Rocket or Groot. The choice you make majorly impacts the next mission of your adventure, so we’ll walk you through the differences between the two.

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Should you sell Groot or Rocket in Guardians Of The Galaxy?

Ultimately, neither option is better. Although they take you on very different paths through the Monster Queen’s fortress, you can still find the same outfits and collectibles, and you’ll still earn the same amount of units. Okay, you’ll either earn or steal them, but you can get 12000 units regardless of the option you choose.

After saving Groot or finding the vault, you will need to escape the fortress. The escape plays out the same regardless of the option you choose. Hellbender will find you and unleash the Dweller in Darkness, which is the first proper boss battle in Guardians Of The Galaxy.

It's important to note that, although you sell either Groot or Rocket in chapter 4, you make the decision about who to sell in chapter 3. Once you start chapter 4, the decision is locked in and cannot be changed.

What happens if you sell Groot?

If you choose to sell Groot, Lady Hellbender will negotiate a price with your team. You can get 10000 or 12000 Units, with the higher amount available if you let Drax negotiate rather than Star-Lord.

This will then lead into a stealth section in which you sneak through Lady Hellbender’s fortress. You will fight enemies a few times throughout, but there aren't many battles, making this a rather slow-paced option. After a brief journey through the fortress, you will reunite with Groot and make your escape.

What happens if you sell Rocket?

If you choose to sell Rocket, prepare for chaos. Lady Hellbender will find the offering hilarious, which makes Rocket angry. He then unleashes an attack on Hellbender and her forces. This will lead you through an assault on the fortress as the Guardians Of The Galaxy try to locate Hellbender’s vault to steal the Units they need.

That’s everything you need to know about whether to sell Groot or Rocket in Guardians Of The Galaxy. If you want help with another significant choice, take a look at how to convince the Worldmind to fight against Grand Unifier Raker. If you're looking for some help with saving the galaxy, check out our Guardians Of The Galaxy tips and tricks. If you want to know what we thought about Guardians Of The Galaxy, check out Ed’s review.

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