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Guile is sonic booming his way into Street Fighter 6

Now with added sagely beard

Summer Game Fest has just kicked off and so has a new combatant for Capcom’s upcoming Street Fighter 6. Yep, the U.S. Air Force’s finest, Guile, is back. Like some other famous Street Fighters from back in the day, he’s only gone and grown some facial fluff too. Does it deflect blows or something? Judge for yourself after watching the trailer.

Cover image for YouTube videoStreet Fighter 6 - Guile Gameplay Trailer
Guile was never my main but he did have that catchy music going for him.

The brief battles shown tonight were enough to see that Guile’s still got it. Facing off against already-confirmed to be returning classic characters like Ryu, Capcom showed Guile’s Sonic Boom, and even his traditional comb-bothering animation. It’s a bit jazzed up these days though.

Street Fighter 6 was announced back in February. We got a bit more information about the game last week, showing off familiar faces Ryu, Chun Li and Luke, but also new character Jamie. Jamie’s fast on his feet and his combat style is heavily influenced by dance. All the characters, returning and new, will be able to wander around in a single-player, open World Tour mode that lets you get into scraps out on the actual streets of Street Fighter at last.

Capcom also revealed the new gauge-based Drive System, which unlocks new defensive and offensive moves when filled. Probably my favourite introduction with the new game is the real-time commentary feature, and Capcom say they’re working with names from the fighting game scene to make you feel like you’re at EVO.

Think you’ll be choosing Guile on the character select screen when Street Fighter 6 arrives next yeer?

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