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Halo Infinite's co-op campaign will enter public testing in July

After many delays

Owning Halo Infinite is like having a subscription to a magazine where each issue has part of a model stuck to the front. The first issue brought the game's multiplayer modes, the second issue brought its singleplayer campaign, the third issue finally fixed its Big Team Battle mode, and the fourth issue - by which time you've possibly lost interest - will bring online co-op for its campaign.

If you're one of those still reading this metaphorical magazine, you can get beta access to the co-op mode this July if you sign up to Halo Insider.

The official Halo account put out the news as a tweet:

"With #HaloInfinite campaign network co-op arriving later this year, we're planning to flight it to Halo Insiders in July," says the tweet. "Register and make sure your Halo Insider profile is up to date for a chance to participate!" Halo Insider is a free account and you can sign up via the Halo site should you want to take part in future betas.

Halo Infinite's campaign co-op was originally meant to be part of the game's launch, then slipped to a post-release update due in May. Then in April, developers 343 Industries said that their "target" was August for the co-op in a blog post. They also acknowledged the "need to deliver more content and more features more quickly", but said that delays were because they were prioritising team health.

While there have been issues with post-release content and battle pass progression, we liked Halo Infinte overall. Brendan enjoyed the grappling hook in the campaign and found its multiplayer to be a "finely tuned mechanism for delivering explosions and dopamine."

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