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Halo Infinite's next multiplayer preview is targeting Sep 24th

Ready for (Big Team) Battle

Developer 343 have announced that Halo Infinite’s next multiplayer technical preview is “targeted” to arrive on September 24th.

All fully registered Halo Insider profiles as of September 13th are eligible to participate, so if you're not registered yet then what are you waiting for? 343 have also released a video to help users fully register, including the extra steps for PC players. Check it out here:

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343 held their first technical preview earlier this summer, featuring 4v4 Arena maps with players facing AI-controlled bots. This upcoming preview will now include PvP for Arena maps and Big Team Battle - the first time players will get their hands on Infinite’s 12v12, vehicular multiplayer mode. Infinite is also the first Halo title since 2012 to have dedicated Big Team Battle maps.

343 have already responded to the vast player feedback from their first technical preview, detailing changes to every part of the game. They've stated that an updated radar will be ready for the next preview, which will show all player movement aside from crouch-walking. An "in-progress" version of a more "crystalized" needler audio will makes it way into the upcoming preview. Various other changes to UI, visuals and AI toggles were announced for launch and beyond.

Halo Infinite is due for release on December 8th via Steam and Xbox Game Pass. Halo Infinite's Multiplayer will be free-to-play but some modes won't be ready for launch. Campaign co-op has been delayed for three months after launch while Forge mode has seen a six month delay.

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