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Harassing Ford: Han Solo Adventures

The trademark infringement is strong with this one. Still, the Lucas Empire has been relatively forgiving of fan projects based upon its galaxy far, far over-monetised, so perhaps this here Han Solo Adventures will avoid a Carboniting so long as it remains a not-for-profit endeavour.

Not only does this star Star Wars' most criminally (but also mercifully, as he retains mystique for it) under-served character, Mr Han Solo, but it places him in a recreation of the old Lucasarts SCUMM-engine point and click adventures.

The natural and yet mysteriously never-made extension of the Indiana Jones adventures, then. It's made using AGS rather than anyone else's code, mind, and explores Solo's stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking adventures in the run-up to A New Hope rather than during or after the films. Lando's in there, Tatooine's in there and the Cantina band are in there though.

Who knows whether this will manage to see the light of delay or if the Dark Lawyers of the Sith will have it thrown down the nearest Sarlaac, but developer Stacy Davidson is resolute that it'll stay freeware. He no wanna yer wonga, Solo.

Going on these early videos, he seems to have right idea and style, but someone really needs to buy him a copy of FRAPS:

Cover image for YouTube video

Cover image for YouTube video

More stuff and things here or on its Twitter account. Having started back in 2009 he reckons he's now 90% of the way through making the rooms, 75% through the characters, and 23% through the puzzles, so it's not a million parsecs away from release in theory. We shall see.

Of course, it's not 2012's only Han Solo gaming experience...

Cover image for YouTube video

I know I'm not supposed to, but I bloody love that.

(Thanks, BoZo.)

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