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The Thought Processes Of A Serial Hearthstone Loser

Going Full Rimmer

I'm pretty new to Hearthstone, Blizzard's none-more-slick digital card game. I've just about clawed past the point where I'm randomly spamming stuff and hoping for the best, and now have a custom deck I'm continually tweaking and a few solid wins under my belt. Now I'm no longer facing total greenhorns, it's a different game. I'm losing a lot. This doesn't particularly depress me, as I know the key is learning, and I know that I've got a whole lot of that left to do. It's rare for me to not run a mile at that kind of prospect, but Hearthstone's doing a great job of pulling me back and making me battle human opponents - years-long entrenchment is slowing being eroded. I'll probably do a few videos while I continue to learn the ropes, but let's start with one that reveals my exact thought processes during a particularly embarrassing match, which involved an epic comeback from my opponent.

I'm playing Rogue, and while I have a few non-free cards in my deck I'm a long way short of way I need to make something really punchy, like the fabled Miracle Rogue deck. I'll get there, but right now I want to focus on learning what other classes are going to throw at me, and best practices for what I do have. I'm happy to be told about the damn-fool mistakes I make here, because that's only going to help me get better. Unless you say it in a really mean voice. Then I'll probably give up videogames forever, change my name and move to Borneo.

That is quite frustrating to watch through again. I might do similar with a match I actually won, just to massage my own bruised ego.

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