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Helldivers 2 has been slightly delayed, will drop its pods in February 2024

There's a new co-op trailer

Bad news: sci-fi co-op bug hunt Helldivers 2 is no longer coming in 2023. Good news: it now has a more specific release date of February 8th, 2024. That's progress.

That's it, that's the news, but there is also a new trailer below if you're interested.

Bile Titan Liberation trailer for Helldivers 2.Watch on YouTube

I am on record as saying that I am a little glum Helldivers has made the switch to the same third-person perspective as every other Sony game, rather than sticking with the from-above perspective. That aside, I do like co-op shooters, and there are some neat collaborative weapons shown, like a rocket launcher one player aims while another reloads.

Arrowhead have previously confirmed that Helldivers 2 would also feature the first game's Cyborg faction, and not just bugs, and the trailer above seems to provide our first glimpse of them. Or at least, I'm assuming those are the robots being deposited by the dropship in the fog at the trailer's end.

Although published by Sony, Helldivers 2 isn't subject to the year-or-more exclusivity of their first-party games. We'll get it via Steam.

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