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Honkai: Star Rail system requirements for PC and mobile

Can your PC power the Astral Express?

Can my PC run Honkai: Star Rail? Honkai: Star Rail is the latest release from the mobile gaming specialists at HoYoverse. You might expect this to mean that it'll run like a dream on more or less any PC, but HoYoverse's titles are becoming notorious (I'm looking at you, Genshin Impact) for being surprisingly greedy with their system requirements.

Take a look below to ensure that your device's specs meet the requirements to play Honkai: Star Rail. Please note that these are the system requirements from the final closed beta, and are still potentially subject to change in the final release.

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Honkai: Star Rail PC system requirements

Minimum specs Recommended specs
CPU Intel Core i5 Intel Core i7
GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060
Storage 15 GB 15 GB

Honkai: Star Rail mobile system requirements

iOS users need a device from 2018 or later in order to play Honkai: Star Rail. The oldest supported iPhones are the iPhone XS and iPhone XR, while iPad users need an Apple A12 processor or better running iOS 12 or a more recent operating system.

Minimum requirements for Android users are Snapdragon 855/Kirin 990/Dimensity 1000 or better.

Does Honkai: Star Rail have cross-save?

Yes, you'll be able to pick up your Star Rail PC save on your mobile device if you decide you want to carry on adventuring on the go. Like other HoYoverse games, your Honkai: Star Rail progress is linked to your account, so provided you sign in using the same email address and server on multiple devices, you can keep playing the same save across multiple platforms. Just be aware that your device needs a constant internet connection for it to work!

Honkai: Star Rail is still a few weeks away from its full release date, but we've spent enough time with the closed beta that we're happy to say who we think the best Honkai: Star Rail characters are (at least for now). We've also put together a guide to Honkai: Star Rail currencies to help you keep track of just what buys you what in this game.

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