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Hundreds of Apex Legends exploiters banned for dunking on low-ranked players

I have pretty strong opinions on exactly where and how far I would stick a boot in people who abuse exploits like this

Cheaters getting banned: you love to see it. Respawn recently got rid of hundreds of the scoundrels for abusing a glitch in Apex Legends which allowed top-ranked players to get into lower rank lobbies for easier wins.

"To the 419 Diamond+ ranked players who abused an exploit allowing you to get into and farm bronze lobbies for RP, enjoy watching Season 7 from the sidelines," Tweeted Connor Ford, a member of the battle royale's security team.

To put this into context, Apex has six tiers for its ranked mode: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master and Apex Predator. Your average players will tend to float around Gold, while Platinum and up will see you facing more and more skilled Apexers. You can see, then, quite frankly how shitty it is for Diamond players to be dunking on the very lowest of the bunch.

These cheaters were using the exploit to farm RP (Ranked Points) which you earn (or lose, depending on your performance) each ranked match. Gaining more RP is essentially like levelling up your rank - as an example, you need 7200 to reach Diamond.

I have pretty strong opinions on exactly where and how far I would stick a boot in people who abuse exploits like this. It's massively unfair, and is incredibly disheartening for low-ranked players who are trying to climb. Reaching Diamond is a brilliant feat, one that only 2% of players managed in Apex's sixth season. The players that use these kinds of exploits are the ones that know they don't truly belong in that tiny percentage.

Here's hoping Apex's seventh season will be a little kinder to Bronze players. The new season launched last night, and the game made its debut on Steam, too.

Rather than cheating, a far better way of winning Apex is to get a handle on the maps and characters. Fortunately, we have plenty of Apex Legends guides for that.

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