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It's Time to Cut Loots With The Division 1.2 Update


Just when I thought betraying people in the Dark Zone was getting a tad boring, The Division [official site] gets a huge update that includes being able to cut the rope everyone attaches their loot to when extracting it. Oh sure, there's a new Incursion, some pretty cool gear sets, and a bunch of smaller tweaks and fixes. But really, if you're not cutting loot, you're frankly not playing to your full potential.

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Launched today, Update 1.2 (named 'Conflict') brings some sizeable chunks of content to the meatgrinder, and the big one is a new Incursion called Clear Sky (no, not that Clear Sky). Following up on the events of the first Incursion, your team of four is tasked with retaking an anti-aircraft site in Columbus Circle owned by the Rikers. If you're not too familiar with The Division, Incursions are like the endgame raids and they drop some of the best loot you can find. Beating them, however, requires a coordinated and well-equipped team.

If buddying up just isn't something you're into, Conflict also introduces 'high-value targets,' which are made available after you clear a neighborhood of all side missions and encounters. From there, players can take on Search and Destroy missions to earn a new currency called Target Intel, which will reveal these the high-value targets within certain locations in a suburb. There's six daily and four weekly high-value target missions, meaning they'll cycle in and out repeatedly as time goes on.

New gear is also available, and this is something that has me the most interested thanks to the neat abilities tied to each set. For example, the new 'Final Measure' set gives you a 'defuse buff' that you use when in range of a hostile grenade, automatically defusing it and giving you one of your own to toss back. It's a little like dodgeball only people die.

There's lots of really granular changes too, which you can read about in the patch notes if you're so inclined. All in all, this seems like a welcome update that should make grinding a bit more exciting until The Division's first paid expansion arrives next month.

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