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It's time to say goodbye to the immaculate vibes of reviews editor Rachel Watts

In this instance the vibes are sad

It's always a sad day when someone leaves the Treehouse, and today we bid adieu to Rachel Watts, as she leaves being our reviews editor for pastures new. Rachel definitely left an impression here, and I know she'll do the same wherever she goes. For now, join us in saying goodbye with some nice comments, and a look at some of Rachel's coolest work for us here.

Rachel was a great champion of cute indie games at RPS, and this was most evident in the Indiescovery podcast, where she shared her love of good vibes with Liam and Rebecca - and all of you! She also worked with Liam to deliver some fantastic on-the-ground coverage from PAX West in 2022 and PAX East earlier this year.

But Rachel is a writer first, and she splashed that talent all over the site. It was lovely to see her get enthused about e.g. the combination of hot people and fighting in things like Thirsty Suitors and En Garde!, or get more real when talking about Dead Pets Unleashed. As reviews editor she took on all comers, from A Little To The Left to Viewfinder.

Rachel has an unerring ability to seek out the cutest indie games going, but she also had a taste for the weird that fit in at RPS: she reported on the strange TikTok RPG; she built a blueberry farming empire in Sons Of The Forest; she chased the void in Voidtrain; and she saved callers from a serial killer in Killer Frequency.

So gather close, and share your favourite Rachel vibes on her last day at RPS.

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