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Kentucky Route Zero's end, Monster Hunter fixes, and more of the week's patches

Patch me up, doc

This week, Kentucky Route Zero launched its final act, Monster Hunter improved performance, and GTA Online is giving away cash. Read on for more of the week’s PC gaming patches in The Weekly Updates Update.

Kentucky Route Zero has concluded with Act V

Our returning Alec said in his review, "I waited and waited for this, and now one of the most outstanding, intelligent and beautiful videogames yet created is God-damned over – and it was outstanding, intelligent and beautiful to the last. I wasn't ready for that."

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne fixed some crashes and performance problems

Because hunts are hard enough without technical issues interfering.

Warcraft 3 got Reforged

When the revamped 'Reforged' edition launched this week, the original game was rolled into the same client - it just doesn't get all the fancy new graphics and that. But it's now missing several classic WC3 features, from clans to custom campaigns. And Blizzard, unsurprisingly but disappointingly, are claiming player-made maps as their own.

GTA Online and Red Dead Online giving away free gifts

Grand Thieves Auto can get a total of $2 million by logging in this week and next, while Red Dead Redeemers can get some weapons and a bounty hunter license. You'll need to wait a bit for your San Andollars, mind.

Dwarf Fortress added a load of villainy

Actually villainy, with villains. And Adventure Mode has some nice new options for pets, which you can pet.

Commandos 2 HD Remaster started fixing its many problems

Bug fixes and performance improvements arrived in the first two patches for the wonky rerelease of ye olde venerated squad tactics game. Tim Stone wrote our Commandos 2 HD Remaster review, if you're curious about the wider picture.

Dota Underlords added a new Underlord

He's Enno, a "furry jerk with a chip on his shoulder." Valve also announced Dunderlords will leave early access on February 25th.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint started a Terminator crossover

Because reasons, T-800s are here.

Bethesda will meet you in Fallout 76 wearing your face to hand stolen goods back

After fixing an exploit which let players literally steal the shirt off another character's back, Bethesda created clones of pre-hack characters. If you want to transfer items from the old clone to your ongoing characters, a Bethesda employee will meet you in-game as the clone to had it all back. Creepy.

Star Trek Online's new quest crosses over with Star Trek: Picard and Discovery

Jeri Ryan and Sonequa Martin-Green fill the virtual Seven of Nine and Michael Burnham with their own voices. No, this isn't Picard.

Dicey Dungeons blasted a load of bugs

The lead dev says this "leaves the game in a really good, stable state to push forward with more modding tools and features in future!"

A botched Destiny 2 update saw the game go offline for nine hours

Bungie needed to roll back characters after accidentally clearing out spacecash and upgrade materials for many players. It's too bad, because the patch did bring some good stuff. Though Bungie have since disabled two items with exploits they mistakenly thought they'd fixed. Oh dear.

Discord removed some cruft

The Activity Feed, the Universal Game Launcher, and the Library tab are now gone. "Our goal is to improve Discord with new features that don't make it bulky and take away from the core chat experience," the makers explained, and these weren't up to it.

p.s. we do have an RPS comunity Discord.

Need For Speed Heat added steering wheel support

Live faster, and with more furiousness.

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