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Monster Hunter: World Iceborne patch addresses CPU use and crashes

Frozen fingers stay. Frozen screens go.

At launch, the big, snowy expansion to giant creature game Monster Hunter: World had more than its fair share of problems. Some players had their MHW save files deleted. Others experienced drastic performance problems. Save some issues for the rest of the class, Iceborne. Two weeks ago, Capcom notified players of a planned patch to fix these problems. That patch is out now, they say.

Capcom have already addressed the save file issue in a patch from Janury 16th, so if you were waiting to play until getting the all-clear, you should be alright now. Today's update addresses performance issues related to certain hardware and also aims to generally lower CPU usage.

Here's what the patch covers, according to Capcom's Steam post:

- Screen freeze that affects users with certain graphics cards. (Occurs with DirectX 11 only.)
- Performance issue that affects users with certain system specifications.
- We added measures to reduce CPU usage. Please note that effects of this improvement depend on your system specifications.
- We fixed an issue where the game would crash when using certain monitors after starting the game in windowed mode, starting the game in remote desktop, or when pressing Alt+Tab.

Capcom also remind players that they can only join sessions with other players running the same version of the game. If you play with friends regularly, make sure you're all aligned on whether or not you've downloaded the latest update with these fixes. You can find the version number in the bottom right corner of the title screen, Capcom say.

If you need help with the actual monsters, Dave has you covered with Monster Hunter World: Iceborne guides. To hear wot we think, check out Nic Reuben’s Iceborne review.

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