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Life Is Strange 2 Episode 2 out now, reintroducing Captain Spirit

A spirited second episode

Kids and superpowers are an obviously bad combination, a fact that Life Is Strange 2 seems to want to reinforce in its second episode - Rules - out today. Dontnod's adventure series continues as young runaways Sean and Daniel hole up with their grandparents for the winter, all while trying to avoid getting spotted by the cops. While they're settled down, there's powers to be trained, codes of conduct to be established, and an exuberant kid next door that looks mighty familiar to anyone who played free prelude chapter The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit. See the launch trailer below.

It's hard to shake a looming sense of dread about this entire season, watching that new trailer. There's no rewinding time here, and there's already one dead cop to worry about as the pressures build on the young duo. Having a while to take in the snowy scenery and make friends is only going to make things harder when everything falls apart once more, and a spectacular collapse seems all but inevitable. At least, playing as Sean, you've got a chance to drum some rules into your kid brother's head about when, where and how his powers are to be used. Maybe it won't all end badly.

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This all ties into The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit, which was our introduction to the imaginative Chris and his dad. It seems well worth playing through that if you haven't already. Dontnod previously mentioned that choices made in the free chapter will have effects on the full game, although how deeply those decisions will be felt is for you lot to find out.

Episode 2 of Life Is Strange 2 is out now. You can find both full seasons here on Humble and Steam for £33/€40/$40. The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit is free and here on Steam. The series is published by Square Enix.

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