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Lost In Random will roll stop motion-inspired dice on September 10th

Stay dicey, as a great man once wrote

A lot of games claim to be Tim Burton-y, but Lost In Random might reasonably be called Henry Selick-y. It's an action RPG inspired by dark fairy tales and stop-motion animated films, and brings to mind Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline. And, in a way, American McGee's Alice.

Its September 10th release date was announced tonight at EA Play, and a new trailer is below.

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You play as Even, a young girl who must explore the Kingdom Of Random with her pal Dicey, a living dice, in order to rescue her sister Odd from a wicked Queen. When written down, it makes me want to do an eye roll, but it works for me in the trailer. The character design and atmosphere carry it a long way further than the concept alone.

It helps that its world of randomness and dice ties neatly into its systems. You'll explore by leaping about in third-person, but also gather coins which you can then spend to build a deck of cards. These are your special attacks, and you can deploy them during "dice battles", which take place in tabletop boardgame-themed arenas.

It's lovely stuff from Zoink!, the developers responsible for 2018's Fe. John loved that when he reviewed it at the time, while lamenting that it was only available on Origin. It's since come to Steam, though, so maybe now is a good time to revisit it.

Lost In Random will also be available via Steam when it launches on September 10th. In the meantime, join Ed in flipping out over Dicey.

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