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Mercenaries mode arrives in Resident Evil 4 remake in two weeks

And it's free!

The Mercenaries DLC mode will be added to the Resident Evil 4 remake, for free, on April 7th. The full game launched today, so by the time you’re done gorging on the remake’s fancy additions, the new mode should be ready. Hopefully, you’re still in the mood to roundhouse kick waves of infected in two weeks' time.

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The date for Mercenaries was revealed at the end of the recent launch trailer (above) with a simple graphic. There’s no in-game footage, but Mercenaries is a longtime Resident Evil mode, so we can do some guessing. Mercenaries mode differs from game to game, but it usually involves slaying zombies within a time limit and fighting for high scores, as was the case with the original Resi4. In the original, Mercenaries would unlock after completing the main game on any difficulty, and we’ll find out how it functions now on April 7th.

It’s likely still an arcade mode about score chasing, now using the remake’s visceral combat. Our resident RE expert Liam said the remake's combat was “secured firmly down to earth” with a “surprising sense of weight.” Meanwhile, the hordes of fleshy creatures coming at you in Mercenaries will “have no such disadvantages. They are quick. Dangerous.” I’m already shaking in my Leon-doesn’t-understand socks.

As it’s launch day, Resi fans are likely neck deep in the remake’s horrifying, and slightly goofy, sights. But if you want to relish in the pre-release hype, there’s plenty of material to keep you occupied. On the conveyor belt of goodies, we have a series of anime shorts that reimagines Leon’s gothic adventure as a cute, childlike romp, hand-in-hand with sweetheart Ashley. There are also plenty of mods, including one that has you brawl with Shrek - yes, that Shrek. I’m mainly excited for the full game because, yeah it’s a remake of a classic, but I also want more Shrek mods now.

If you’ve already begun your descent into the Spanish hell hole, we have guides to weapon and locked drawer locations. Our hardware boss James also has recommendations for the best settings to use on PC, and the best settings for Steam Decks.

Resident Evil 4 remake is available on Steam for £50/€60/$60. For those still on the fence, the free demo is also still available.

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