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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s first free update seethes with new beasts to hunt

It brings fresh monsters and the intriguing Forlorn Arena

Even more giant lumbering beasts are heading straight for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak when the first of its free title updates lands in August. Expect two new rare species along with a fresh area to explore. Let your finely crafted trousers tremble with anticipatory terror while you watch the trailer below.

Fresh beasts to hunt in a new area are coming in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak's first free update.Watch on YouTube

You’ll be able to journey to the Forlorn Arena thanks to the update, a new area that has a bit of an Elden Ring vibe, if I’m honest. There’s lots of ruined, possibly wrecked massive stone architecture for monsters to hide away amongst. I spotted what looks like a crumbling viaduct, and an imposing tower rising in front of the moon in the distance.

The trailer also gives a first look at hunters taking on the fantastically named Lucent Nargacuga, which resembles what I imagine would happen if you spliced a dragon with stoat DNA. That’s not all for the monster introductions though. You’ll have the chance to battle the even more fantastically named Seething Bazelgeuse too, which is a proper ginormous winged lizard with scales, and possibly egg sacs, plastered all over it. No idea what it’s seething about but I’m really sorry Bazelgeuse, regardless.

Capcom have two more free updates scheduled for this year, and say there could be more to follow in 2023. The second title update is going to add more rare species, subspecies and powered-up monsters in autumn. Update three will strike in winter with yet more special species and powered-up beasties. There’s more detail on the roadmap for Sunbreak’s future updates here.

Liam had a blast with the expansion in his Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak review, but felt that you were mostly just fighting fancier versions of the base game's beasties at the start. "Sure, it’s an important measure to ensure players are able to craft the appropriate gear for future hunts, and new armour and weapon sets made from familiar critters definitely keep things interesting," he said. "But if you’re already sick to death of hunting Khezu there’s a chance you might find the intro to Sunbreak a little tedious." More new monsters are a welcome addition then.

The first free title update for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak lands sometime in August, but Capcom haven’t shared exactly when yet. Sunbreak is on Steam for £33/$40/€40, and Nintendo Switch. You'll need to own the base game to play.

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