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Netflix Witcher and Shadow & Bone veterans plotting World Of Darkness shows and movies

Various folks behind Netflix series including The Witcher and Shadow And Bone have plans to develop films or shows set in the World Of Darkness. That's the goth fantasy universe which houses tabletop RPGs like Vampire: The Masquerade and Werewolf: The Apocalypse, as well as video games including the venerated Bloodlines. They haven't yet announced any specific project yet (nor indicated where they might find homes), but here's my pitch: a mystery show starring a Malkavian private eye.

As reported by Variety, White Wolf owners Paradox Interactive have teamed up with a gang of people experienced in adapting paper for the screen, planning to develop the WoD universe for movies and shows. The folks are production company Hivemind (who worked on the live-action adaptations of The Witcher and The Expanse), Eric Heisserer (who wrote screenplays for book-turned-movies Arrival and Bird Box, and developed Netflix's books-turned-show Shadow And Bone), and Christine Boylan (producer and sometimes writer on comic book adaptations The Punisher, Constantine, and Cloak & Dagger). Some adaptations better than others, there.

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"Eric and Christine are among the most extraordinary creators working today," said Hivemind president Jason Brown. "They're also gamers who have played in WOD since it began. It's a rare opportunity when the connection between storyteller and story runs this deep, and that is the alchemy which has led to many of our favorite and most culturally resonant franchises."

These plans could amount to nothing. They don't have any distribution deals set yet, and haven't announced any specific shows or movies. Hivemind did also announce plans for a Final Fantasy XIV show in 2019, and we've still not seen solid signs of life there. But hey, maybe they'll finish a Vampire: The Masquerade show before Paradox finish Bloodlines 2.

Last year, Paradox fired Bloodlines 2's narrative lead, Bloodlines 1 wordman Brian Mitsoda. They've since announced the game is now being made by a new studio, and is delayed into 2022 at earliest. Bloodlines truly is a cursed series.

Disclosure: Cara Ellison, former RPS columnist and my former flatmate, worked on Bloodlines 2.

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