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NZXT’s brilliant 1440p gaming monitor is nearly £120 off in the Black Friday sales

A 30% saving on the NZXT Canvas 27Q and its accessories

This year’s Black Friday season is awash with early deals on gaming monitors, and there’s one I want to highlight before it sells out – which might be imminently, if its stock tracker is accurate. It’s the NZXT Canvas 27Q, which I recently called the best 1440p gaming monitor you can buy. And that was before it felt the force of a 30% Black Friday saving, with £116 sliced off the RRP.

That same 30% discount actually applies to NZXT's entire monitor range, including the bigger Canvas 32Q Curved and both the single and double monitor arm mounts. I can only speak for the Canvas 27Q myself, but it’s a surprising belter from a company that’s never made gaming screens before.

UK deal:

NZXT Canvas 27Q - £272 from NZXT (was £389)

If you get a site error trying to load the Canvas 27Q's own page, click 'Quick Shop' to add it to your basket that way instead.

The 1440p, 165Hz IPS panel is liquid smooth, with good colour coverage, brightness, and contrast. The standard stand you get with this deal is still highly adjustable, and design-wise it all looks clean and mature. A rarity for gaming monitors, perhaps.

The only bad news here is that the Canvas 27Q is already sold out in the US, where it’s also had a 30% discount for Black Friday. According to NZXT’s UK site, there are only five units left there too, so consider getting a shift on if this monitor catches your eye. It certainly caught mine.

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