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Observation no longer observable on Steam [confirmed]

Have you tried taking the lens-cap off?

Update: Yup, publishers Devolver Digital today confirmed that Observation will now be exclusive to the Epic Games Store for one year.

The good news is that Observation - the intense-looking sci-fi thriller from Stories Untold developers No Code - has a release date. Announced during Sony's PS4-centric "State Of Play" stream, it'll be out on May 21st. The concerning news is that the game's Steam store page has vanished, as has any mention of Steam (or any PC storefront, for that matter) on its official page. Publisher Devolver make no mention of a PC version in their Twitter release date announcement, either. Below, the new trailer for the PS4 version of the game, which admittedly looks very nice.

I'm hoping that the removal of the Steam store page signals that maybe the game is moving to another storefront. That would be a mild irritation at worst. It would be sad indeed if Sony had gone and snaffled this one as an exclusive. The real sort, where the game is on another platform entirely. A lot of people have already brought up the disappearing store issue with Devolver and No Code on social media, but so far they're not responding to any queries on that front.

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Observation is an exciting sounding game. A cinematic adventure, putting players in the role of a space station AI, attempting to assist the seemingly lone survivor of some horrible disaster. I've thankfully got a PS4 to fall back to if the PC version is indeed cancelled, but it would be a shame. Fingers crossed. I've reached out to both developer and publisher and will update with any information as it comes in later tonight. Until then, please maintain a steady orbit, and read Alice Bell's Observation preview from a few months back.

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