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Overwatch offers fizzy pop D.Va skin for winning games

Izzy whizzy, let's get fizzy!

Winning a few rounds in Overwatch will net you a fancy skin for D.Va and her mech, turning them into ambulant adverts for the soda she's seen endorsing in her animated short and the new map. Seeing as the highest art of video game worldbuilding is creating fictional fizzy pop, it's hard to imagine a better skin. Crack open a cold one!

Running until September 10th, the Nano Cola Challenge comes in two strands: winning games and watching streams. Win three games (in Quick Play, Competitive Play, or Arcade) to unlock two new D.Va sprays, six games for a new player icon, and nine for the epic-grade Nano Cola D.Va skin.

The more passive strand of the Challenge is watching specific players stream Overwatch on Twitch. Watching two, four, six, and eight hours of specific streamers' channels will unlock new D.Va sprays. Eight in total are added for this. See Blizzard's page to learn about linking your Twitch account to your Blizzard account, and for a list of where to leave your computer idling with streams on while you do something more interesting.

This freebie comes shortly after Blizzard announced they need to disable paid loot boxes in Belgium to comply with gambling regulations.

But all that really matters is fictional fizzy pop. It's the height of the medium, I tell you. And yes, of course The Video Game Soda Machine Project--possibly the greatest curatorial project in the whole ludosphere--has already documented these Nano Cola machines.

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