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Overwatch tweaking Mercy's Resurrection again

A plague of angels

Mercy, the angelic medic of Overwatch [official site], will likely soon have her newfound powers of resurrection a little less godlike. Demigodlike, perhaps? Raising the dead will surely always be supernatural at bare minimum. But after turning Mercy's Resurrection skill from her Ultimate into a regular one, giving her a huge buff, she might be a little too powerful. So Blizzard have fired up the test servers with a crucial tweak to how Resurrection works in combination with her Valkyrie skill.

Valkyrie is Mercy's new Ultimate, added to replace Resurrection, and it temporarily gives an array of buffs which include instantly taking Resurrection off cooldown and reducing Resurrection's cooldown time to 10 seconds. The potential tweak to Valkyrie, now live on the test server, is simple:

  • No longer resets or lowers Resurrection's cooldown. Instead it now doubles Resurrection's range

Valkyrie will still give Mercy the other benefits -- faster movement, a blappier gun, longer range, and all that -- but Resurrection won't be quite so strong. Or it'll be differently strong? The reason it's on the test server is so Blizzard can see.

Blizzard might well tweak this change or scrap it entirely before it even hits the live servers, mind. That's test servers for you. If they do move ahead with this plan, we don't yet know when that would be.

Have your games been plagued by angels since Mercy's rework, gang?

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