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Overwatch adding server browser so you can share your hideous/amazing custom creations

Unleash your creations

An incoming Overwatch [official site] patch is introducing server browsing as an extension of the team shooter's custom game mode. As a result you'll be able to create and share your own customised Overwatch experience with friends.

"An extension of Overwatch's Custom Game mode, the Server Browser allows you to adjust the settings on various maps, modes, and heroes, creating your own tailor-made server. If, for example, you want to increase Pharah's missile speed or remove the cooldown from McCree's Combat Roll, the power is yours. Once you're happy with your settings and you're ready to launch your game, you'll need to set up the permissions. You can limit the number of people who can join your game by toggling the 'Friends Only' or 'Invite Only' options, but if you want to put your strange creation to the real test, set your server to 'Public' and click the launch button.'

This is the first thing in a fair few months which has made me feel like going back to Overwatch and having a real poke around so I might go on a server cruise to see how the ratio of fun to utterly broken experiences is shaping up.

The patch is currently live on the public test realm where Blizzard trial and troubleshoot changes before applying them to the main game. To get hold of that you just select PTR from the region dropdown in the Overwatch tab of the client.

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Skimming the rest of the patch notes it looks like the Capture the Flag mode Blizz were trialling in the Lunar New Year event is here to stay and will go into the Arcade as a game mode.

In terms of the heroes, Bastion's getting tweaked with the aim of making him more flexible. Obv the changes aren't final, depending on how the PTR playtesting shakes out but the general aim is to shift some of the power from his Sentry configuration (the static turret option) into his Recon configuration (the mobile option). At the moment that means things like the bullet spread in sentry mode being increased and critical hits and headshot damage multipliers being removed, whereas the bullet spread in recon mode is decreased.

There's also a change to Mercy which makes her temporarily invulnerable after using her resurrect so hopefully she's not going to get instakilled as soon as she uses the darn thing.

So yes, for now it's on the PTR and will end up in the live game - perhaps with some slight variations - soon.

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