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Overwatch teases new hero who might be this woman

Torbjorn again

Overwatch, the hero shooter and popular ‘ship-em-up, has a habit of teasing its new characters ahead of their reveal. The whispering winds of Blizzard Entertainment are rising once again to give small, vague clues about the game’s next playable character. A tweet last week referred to a botched operation featuring Reinhart, the Germanic hero made of shoulders, and Torbjorn, the turret-building engineer who I think is Danish. There wasn't much to this. But later, a post on the Overwatch website featured a letter from Torbjorn to his wife. The subject: their daughter. Thus, the internet has made up its mind. She’s the next hero.

She isn’t a nobody as far as Overlore goes. Brigitte (as she was called in a spin-off comic) has also appeared in the cinematic short Honor and Glory sporting the engineer-style clothes and cog tattoo of her dad. She’s also a minor presence in this scene of another comic, and looks to be the eldest of the claw-armed hero’s children . It makes sense to pick her out of the pile of periphery characters. Although it could all be a massive GAG. Maybe the real hero will be his wife? That’d be good. Or maybe it’s the redshirt of a soldier mentioned in the first tweet, a one “Private First Class Emre Sarioglu”. However, it does look like Brigitte is the sensible bet. I'm just disappointed none of these clues points toward the Junk Queen.


Previous heroes have always been teased. The multi-legged robo-gunner Orisa was revealed after Blizzard told everyone about the robot's 11-year-old creator, Efi. The hacker character Sombra was revealed after a overdrawn ARG. And punch-loving angryman Doomfist had been an ethereal possibility since launch, with advertisements about him hanging around in the game's maps.

As for the abilities and weapons of the upcoming character, all we’ve been told is that the hero is “very needed” suggesting that they’ll fill a gap in the shooter’s pool of warping, hacking, jumping, hovering, shielding, slicing, electrifying crowd of cartoon killers. Hmm, what is “very needed”? A hero who can talk the enemy into sitting down for a cup of hot chocolate? A heroine who can shoot seafood from her toenails? It’s all possible, friends.

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