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Rain World's slippery Slugcat is coming to PC this year

Having slugkittens over these

It is better to GIF than to receive. Nobody follows this wise and ancient proverb more faithfully than the developers of survival platformer Rain World [official site]. The game’s ‘slugcat’ has been enticing the RPS office for years by jumping from one platform to another, squeezing between pipes and rescuing little slugkittens in a variety of handsome animations. We’ve got some more to show you below. But this time there is some vague news attached: Rain World will finally be coming out this year.

It was originally slated for a 2014 release. But why rush things, eh? Especially when there are slugkittens to think of.

Okay, here is the treasure you seek.


Leg it!

Oh my.

There’s more in an imgur gallery by the developers, featuring enemy lizards that want to gobble you up and little flies that buzz around harmlessly. We’ve also learned that the devs have partnered with Adult Swim Games, who are dipping their greasy hands into the indie cleansing pool more and more these days.

It’s also sounding rather large. 1600 rooms and 12 regions make up an ancient, rundown world in which you have to avoid predators and prey on smaller creatures for yourself. For some reason I always thought this was going to be a wee game. But I suppose you don’t spend three years on something like this without it ballooning into an adorable monster.

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