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Rainbow Six Extraction best guns: the best weapons in Rainbow Six Extraction

Learn which guns are best in Rainbow Six Extraction

Looking for the best guns in Rainbow Six Extraction? If you want to beat back the Archaean hordes and survive on harder difficulties, you'll need to know the weapons in Rainbow Six Extraction. Since the members of REACT mostly have unique weapons (carried over from Rainbow Six Siege), knowing the right gun to use will help you recognise the characters that need to be on your team.

Below, we'll cover the best guns in Rainbow Six Extraction so that you know which guns are accurate, powerful, and able to kill the Archaeans before you even take a scratch. We'll also cover how you can unlock more guns in Extraction, so that you have more options for each character.

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Rainbow Six Extraction best guns

There are lots of guns available in Extraction, but they're only available to select characters. There aren't any guns available to everyone, so you'll want to know which guns are best before picking members for your squad. Here's a list of the best guns in Rainbow Six Extraction:

  1. V308
  2. AK-12
  3. Spear .308
  4. MP5
  5. M590A1
  6. Supernova
  7. 552 Commando

While some of these guns are available at level 1 for certain characters, others remain locked until you earn some XP and level up. If you want to maximise the XP you earn and level up faster, take a look at our guide on how to level up quickly in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Below, we'll go into more detail on why these are the best guns in Rainbow Six Extraction and let you know which REACT members can use these weapons. If they're not the starting weapon for a character, we'll also let you know what level you need to reach before they unlock.

Rainbow Six Extraction V308 Assault Rifle in the loadout menu


The V308 is by far the best gun in Rainbow Six Extraction. It has very high damage for an Assault Rifle, allowing you to shred through Archaeans with ease. While it does have some recoil that might throw you off, you can easily control this with a grip. If you need more control, you can swap out the default suppressor muzzle for a compensator instead. If you do choose to remove the silencer, make sure to use a silenced pistol as your secondary so that you can still get stealth kills on distant enemies.

The V308 is available for Lion at level 1, which is another reason it takes the top spot. Lion is our pick for the best Operator in Rainbow Six Extraction thanks to his amazing EE-One-D Drone ability that scans all moving enemies in the area for a short duration, but this V308 rifle certainly plays into his position at the top of that list. Thankfully, Rook can also unlock the V308 at level 9, so you can still use this amazing weapon if someone has already nabbed Lion on your team.


The AK-12 has very similar damage to the V308. It can wreak havoc on almost any Archaean, which you'll want when coming up against tougher enemy types, such as the Protean. However, the AK-12 does have a lot more recoil, which knocks it down to second place. You can attempt to manage this with a grip or muzzle attachment as we suggested above with the V308, but you'll still find the AK-12 to be rather inaccurate. Thankfully, its power more than makes up for that lack of control, making the AK-12 one of the best guns in Extraction.

The AK-12 is available for Fuze and Tachanka, both of which are unlocked when you reach milestone 10. If you're interested in other locked characters, check out our guide on how to unlock more Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction to see who else is waiting to join the team. Fuze will unlock the AK-12 when he reaches level 3, while Tachanka gets it at level 9.

Rainbow Six Extraction Spear.308 Assault Rifle in the loadout menu

Spear .308

The Spear .308 comes just behind the V308 and AK-12. It has slightly lower damage (as do many of the weapons on this list), which means you might take a little longer to kill certain enemies. Thankfully, you can kill most Archaeans with one easy headshot, so this shouldn't become too much of a problem.

The Spear .308 is available for Finka and Fuze. Like Lion, Finka is one of the best characters in Extraction, as her Adrenaline Surge ability makes her an absolute essential for any team. Alongside this incredible ability, Finka also gets the Spear .308 at level 1, putting her above most other REACT members. If you want to use the Spear as Fuze, you'll need to reach level 9, but he does also get the AK-12 at level 3, as we mentioned above.


The MP5 is an excellent short-medium range SMG that perfectly balances power, speed, and accuracy. While it does fall below the Assault Rifles above in power and fire rate, the MP5 is still very strong and will kill most Archaeans quickly. Since Doc and Rook are the only characters that can use the MP5, the lower power shouldn't matter as they mostly focus on supporting your teammates rather than killing every Archaean.

Both Rook and Doc unlock the MP5 at level 3, so you'll need to complete a few objectives with them before you can unlock this SMG. If you choose to play as Rook, we recommend switching to the V308 at level 9, but Doc should stick with the MP5 as it is still a formidable weapon and is the best in his arsenal.

Rainbow Six Extraction M590A1 shotgun in the loadout menu


If you would rather use something punchy and don't care about making noise, we suggest using the M590A1 shotgun. This is a 12-gauge pump action shotgun used by Sledge and Smoke. It can easily drop enemies in just one hit, so you won't need to worry about Archaeans hearing where you are. With a few quick shots, you could blast through a horde of attacking aliens and blaze along the path to your objective.

Sledge has access to the M590A1 at level 1, so you can start using it straight away to practice blowing the Archaeans into little pieces. If you prefer playing as Smoke, you'll need to wait a little longer to get the M590A1, as it unlocks at level 6.


If you like the idea of a shotgun but don't want to alert everything to your location, then the Supernova is an excellent choice. The Supernova is a silenced shotgun that maintains impressive damage stats (albeit lower than the M590A1 listed above), while also having much better recoil control than most other shotguns. This weapon is unique to Hibana, who is one of the characters available in Rainbow Six Extraction from the start. To unlock the Supernova, you need to get Hibana to level 3, which should only take one or two missions.

552 Commando

The 552 Commando is an Assault Rifle used by IQ and Jager. While it doesn't pack as much damage as the V308 which took the top spot on this list, the 552 Commando is still a brilliant weapon that we feel deserves a moment in the spotlight. IQ and Jager are extremely useful REACT members and this is by far the best weapon available to either character, as it boasts a much better balance between power, accuracy, and speed than the other guns in their arsenal.

IQ unlocks the 552 Commando at level 6, while Jager gets it a little later at level 9. Jager and IQ are both locked until you reach milestone 5, so you'll need to play a few rounds before you can properly try out the 552 Commando. Fortunately, if you decide to main either of these characters, we think it's worth the wait.

How to unlock more guns in Rainbow Six Extraction

As mentioned throughout this guide, most weapons are either unique to one character or shared between a select few. That means you can't mix and match weapons to build the perfect loadout with your favourite gun for every character. Instead, the guns available for certain characters will play a large role in how they perform and whether they're worth using.

If you already have a favourite character and want to unlock more guns, you can see every weapon available for them in the loadout menu. Simply go to the primary weapon tab and scroll through the list. Most characters have either 4 or 5 weapons at their disposal, which you'll unlock as they level up. If you still haven't settled on a favourite REACT member, we recommend looking through their list of weapons to see what they'll unlock. This should help you decide who to play as when running missions.

That wraps up our list of the best guns in Rainbow Six Extraction. If you're just starting out in Extraction and want to know some important tips and tricks, check out our Rainbow Six Extraction beginner's guide to prepare yourself for the fight against the Archaeans. If you like customising your weapons and want to make these guns look flashy with skins from the store, check out our guide on Rainbow Six Extraction REACT credits to understand everything you need to know about Rainbow Six Extraction's cosmetic microtransactions. If you've been playing solo and are ready for some friends to join the action, check out our guides on the Rainbow Six Extraction Buddy Pass and crossplay to learn more about your multiplayer options.

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