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Rainbow Six Extraction REACT Credits: how to get the premium currency in R6 Extraction

How to earn REACT Credits in Maelstrom Protocol, and where and how to purchase them as premium DLC

How do you get REACT Credits in Rainbow Six Extraction? REACT Credits are the premium currency used in Rainbow Six Extraction, which can be exchanged in the in-game store to redeem cosmetic items and consumables. They can either be bought with real money or earned by participating in Maelstrom Protocol.

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How to earn REACT Credits in Maelstrom Protocol

Maelstrom Protocol is Rainbow Six Extraction's endgame mode, featuring a weekly challenge recommended only for players who have fully levelled up their Milestones and Operators, and you're advised to bring along only your best weapons.

In a Maelstrom Protocol challenge, you'll need to finish nine objectives per mission rather than the regular three. Each objective features a different mutation, and for every three objectives you complete, health and ammo pick-ups will become rarer and the objective timer will get shorter. You'll also be limited in your choice of Operators, with only six characters eligible to take part per week; and losing an Operator in Maelstrom will require you to return to the core game in order to rescue them.

You and your team can choose to extract after successfully completing an objective with the experience and loot you've earned so far, or push on to finish more objectives — at the risk of losing everything you've earned in the current run if your characters die.

This is quite deliberately the most intensive gameplay challenge in Rainbow Six Extraction, but the rewards for success are huge XP and REACT Credit payouts, as well as an exclusive item of headgear once per season.

Where to buy REACT Credits

To purchase REACT Credits, you can go to either the second tab in the in-game store, or the add-on content section on the Rainbow Six Extraction page on the digital storefront where you purchased the base game. From here, you can purchase REACT Credits as DLC bundles of varying sizes, priced accordingly:

  • £4.29 / $4.99 for 500 REACT Credits
  • £8.59 / $9.99 for 1,100 REACT Credits
  • £16.99 / $19.99 for 2,400 REACT Credits
  • £29.99 / $34.99 for 4,375 REACT Credits
  • £41.99 / $49.99 for 6,750 REACT Credits

To give you an idea of what this means in terms of the in-game store, most weapon skins we've seen so far cost around 500 REACT Credits, and most Operator skins seem to go for about 1,000 REACT Credits.

Where are my REACT Credits?

Ubisoft note that purchased REACT Credits can take up to 24 hours to appear in your game. They also advise that you keep a record of your purchase so that you can chase up any REACT Credits that haven't appeared on your account after that time.

Do I need REACT Credits to play Rainbow Six Extraction?

The items you can buy with REACT Credits are nearly all purely cosmetic, and none of them are essential for succeeding in the game. In other words, you don't need to spend real cash on REACT Credits to play Rainbow Six Extraction.

The main use of REACT Credits is to expand your customisation options, such as skins for your Operators and weapons. While some cosmetics, such as weapon charms, are earned by levelling up, the vast majority of customisation options require you to make additional purchases from the in-game store using REACT Credits.

The in-game store rotates its stock regularly several times a day, so if you've decided to purchase some REACT Credits to customise your favourite Operators and weapons, be aware that you aren't seeing the full selection at any given time. There's no mention anywhere of REACT Credits expiring, so you can definitely afford to take your time making your choice if you haven't decided on a purchase yet.

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