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Rainbow Six Extraction's latest trailer shows more gadgets and operators

Paint the whole world with Team Rainbow

I loved the wall-busting, door-blocking, remote-camera-ing gadgets that Rainbow Six Siege gave players, but the community quickly outpaced my ability to compete with them. That's why I'm looking forward to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. It broadly gives you the same toys, but you're using them against AI-controlled alien mutants. I'm traditionally alright at competing with those.

There was a new trailer showing the gadgets and operators in action during last night's PlayStation event, and you'll find it below.

Cover image for YouTube videoRainbow Six Extraction: PlayStation Showcase 2021 | World Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

When Call Of Duty added zombies, it felt an alternate universe rather than a narrative progression. That's the way of cowards, says Tom Clancy. Extraction's trailer makes clear that this isn't some alt-timeline - it's just, no, Team Rainbow used to fight terrorism and stuff, and next they're fighting mutating aliens. What of it?

While the game has 18 operators familiar from Siege, some of those characters and their skills have been tweaked to work better in Extraction's solo or 3-player co-op. Most interesting is that one of the character's has been de-tweaked. Russian defender Tachanka originally had a static turret, but it was of limited use in Siege's multiplayer matches and the operator received a major rework last year. He's in Extraction, but in his original turret-loving form.

Extraction was originally scheduled to launch this month, but it was delayed back in July until January 2022.

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