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Rainbow Six Extraction: how does the buddy pass work?

How the Rainbow Six Extraction buddy pass works, and when it will become available

When will the buddy pass system arrive in Rainbow Six Extraction? Rainbow Six Extraction will include a buddy pass feature, which allows you to invite up to two friends to try out the game for free. It takes three players to make a squad in Rainbow Six Extraction, so if you have a couple of friends in mind who are on the fence about buying the game, this is a perfect opportunity to woo them over to your new FPS obsession.

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When will the buddy pass be available in Rainbow Six Extraction?

Originally planned to be a feature upon launch, Rainbow Six Extraction's buddy pass system has since been delayed. A Tweet from the official Rainbow Six Extraction Twitter account announced that the feature will be held back until "shortly after launch", with an update including exact dates expected "within a few days of the game release".

This won't have any impact on your buddy pass entitlements, but it does mean you can't use them immediately, which is potentially frustrating news for squads who were hoping to try out the game together on launch. We'll keep this page updated with news of a release date for the buddy pass as we learn it.

What is the Rainbow Six Extraction buddy pass and how does it work?

Everyone who owns a copy of Rainbow Six Extraction will receive two buddy passes. These passes allow you to share the game with up to two friends who don't own a copy for a trial period of two weeks each.

In order to invite your friends to play with you, you need to have added each other as Ubisoft friends, and they need to have downloaded the free trial version of Rainbow Six Extraction. Once you've squadded up, you can select them via the in-game menu and extend an invitation to use one of your buddy passes. Invitations can't be withdrawn once your friend accepts.

If, at the end of the two week trial, your friend(s) decide to purchase their own copies of Rainbow Six Extraction, they'll be able to carry all their progress across to the full version of the game. Furthermore, the buddy pass will be fully compatible with the crossplay feature in Rainbow Six Extraction, so you can share your game with friends who play on console or using cloud gaming services just as easily as with those on PC.

Not sure if you want to be the friend who shells out for a copy of Rainbow Six Extraction to share with your buddies? Have a look at our review to help you decide. Or, if you already own a copy and are after some gameplay advice, be sure to check out our Rainbow Six Extraction tips and tricks guide for everything you need to know when getting started. Alternatively, if you want to know how to best kit out your new squad, check out our guide to the best Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction.

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