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Razer have gone full analog with their new Huntsman V2 keyboard

Move over, game pads

If you've ever wished your keyboard could offer the same degree of control as the analog sticks on a game pad, then Razer's newly announced Huntsman V2 Analog could be just the keyboard for you. It's the next evolution of their optical-based Huntsman keyboard that came out a couple of years ago, only this one has Razer's new analog optical switches, which Razer say can mimic the feel of an analog joystick input. This allows for a "true" 360 degrees of motion, according to Razer, and removes the limitations of being stuck to the old 8 degrees of movement we've grown so used to with our WASD keys. Intrigued? Here's what you need to know.

Much like Razer's regular optical switches, these new analog optical switches use beams of light to register each key press. This makes them very fast compared to your typical mechanical keyboard, and more durable, too, as there are fewer moving parts. In order to replicate the feel of an analog stick, however, Razer's analog optical switches can now measure how much light goes through the switch so it knows how far down it's being pressed, letting you creep forward instead of breaking into a full run, for example. Have a watch of the video below to get a better idea of how it all works.

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Design-wise, the Huntsman V2 Analog shares a similar design to Razer's upmarket Huntsman Elite keyboard, keeping the same compact form factor, media keys and volume dial but adding doubleshot PBT keycaps for extra durability and a more standardised bottom row of keys for easier customisation. Razer have also added a single braided cable to the mix, as well as a USB 3.0 port for USB passthrough. There's even a USB Type-C adapter included in the box, too, if you want to connect something other than a mouse to it.

The Huntsman V2 Analog will be available in various regional layouts, including UK, German, French, Nordic, Russian, Spanish and Japanese, according to Razer, and it will also be compatible with Razer's PBT Keycap Upgrade Sets if you want to switch up the colours. Naturally, its special keys make it quite pricey, with UK and US models going for £250 / $250. I'll be testing the Huntsman V2 Analog shortly to find out more, but if you're already convinced and don't want to wait, it's available now from Razer's online store, and it will be coming to other online retailers on February 9th.

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