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Arsenal codes [April 2024]: Free skins, announcer voices, and money

Redeem these Arsenal codes for free goodies

Looking for the latest Arsenal codes for free skins, announcers, and more? Arsenal is a frantic arcade shooter on the Roblox platform, and Arsenal codes give players a very simple and easy way to get free stuff. Most codes will give you cosmetic bonuses like new skins or announcer voice packs to enjoy. Occasionally, there'll also be a code that gives you free BattleBucks, the main currency of Arsenal.

Below you'll find a full and up-to-date list of all active codes in Arsenal, instructions on how to redeem them in-game, and a list of expired codes as well. Expired codes in Arsenal have a habit of coming back from time to time, so don't despair if something you really wanted is currently on the expired list!

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Roblox Arsenal codes list

Last checked on: 12th March, 2024

  • FATE: Teleportation to Fate
  • GOODNIGHT: Teleportation to Snowy Bridge (Stage 1)
  • E: E calling card
  • TRGTBOARD: Freebies
  • EPRIKA: Freebies
  • GARCELLO: Freebies
  • ROLVE: Freebies
  • POKE: Freebies
  • Bandites: Freebies

How to redeem Arsenal codes

It's very easy to redeem Arsenal codes. Just start up Arsenal, then in the main menu click on the present button in the bottom of the screen to open up the codes screen.

Here you can enter your codes one at a time and click the green "Redeem" button after typing in each one. If it's valid, you'll get some free stuff. Simple!

A screenshot from Arsenal, a Roblox shooter game, showing the screen where Arsenal codes can be redeemed.
Click the present icon in the bottom of the screen on the main menu to get to the code redemption screen.

Expired Arsenal codes

Of course, like all Roblox codes, Arsenal codes don't last forever. Instead after a while they'll expire, and no longer work. Below is a list of expired codes to clean up any confusion about certain codes not working:

  • JOHN
  • EZ-G4M3
  • PET
  • POG
  • F00LISH
  • ANNA
  • Soggy
  • JulyDays!
  • birth
  • Spooky-Season
  • 😱nobrimdelinquent😱
  • buckbuck
  • TheBloxies
  • UnfairBias
  • CastlersUnusual100k
  • xmas2020
  • oopsL8
  • AprilFoolsPog
  • UnusualBias
  • iLose100
  • CharityACT5K
  • BR0K3
  • GULL1BL3
  • MILO
  • bfisbfiahxbc77bdbwv2h8hdb289hxbqjnh288
  • BanditesPog
  • Gullible
  • 3BILLY
  • do you remember
  • MyFirstCode
  • kenicoolawesome
  • huh?
  • cope
  • soon
  • the 2021 spooky code
  • cracked
  • trolling...
  • xonaeday21

That wraps up this primer on redeeming Arsenal codes, but we've got plenty more to talk about with Roblox. Why not take a look at our list of Roblox promo codes, or our dedicated codes pages for other popular Roblox experiences, including Shindo Life, King Legacy, and Boku No Roblox!

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