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Samurai Shodown reboot hits Epic alongside its freebie predecessors

Lookin' sharp

It may have sat untouched for years, but don't for a second think that Samurai Shodown has let its blade rust. After being given a contemporary coat of paint, a 3D reboot of SNK's swordfighter arrived on the Epic Games Store today. But this warrior doesn't ride alone. For the next week, six Shodown entries from ages past are available to pick up and keep, free of charge.

Ten years after putting down the blade, the 2020 reboot of Samurai Shodown has brought SNK's sharpest fighter back as an Epic exclusive. As expected, it's brought some of its oldest mates along for the trip

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Samurai Shodown is your standard SNK fight 'em up affair, save for everyone swinging their fancy swords all over the shop. Some folks have different kinds of swords, some are packing four swords in a backpack. In a particularly unsporting move, one lad's even brought his dog to a knife-fight. The reboot appears to be more of the same, but flaunting a slick ink-stained 3D look evocative of Street Fighter IV.

It's currently available to pick up on the Epic Games Store for £45 - but, as previously mentioned, you needn't spend a penny to get in a few stabs. See, Samurai Shodown launches alongside the Samurai Shodown Neogeo Collection, a collection of six SNK sword-slashers released between 1993 and 2003. They've been spruced up with online matchmaking and a massive bank of concept art and development vids.

But more importantly, it's a nice chance to pick up a blade before deciding whether to shell out 40 quid for the reboot. The Samurai Shodown Neogeo Collection is available to snag on the Epic Games Store for free 'til next Thursday.

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