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Scale Seeks To Grow Its Kickstarter, Become More Brilliant

Shoot things! Make them giant!

Usually, guns are used to make other people feel small and weak. Mortal. In an ingenious twist, however, Scale introduces (kinda) the opposite: a gun that can make things huge. Or teensy tiny. Or any size, really. That's the central conceit of its semi-open-ended, Mario-64-inspired worlds, and there's quite a lot to like in them so far. For instance, let's say you've been swallowed up by a giant chompy rhino monster thing. Stuck in its acid-flooded maw, you're probably doomed... unless! You enlarge the creature from within, turning its intestines into your own personal escape hatch water slide. Wheeeeeeee! Hello, freedo-- oh no. Then you realize where you'll be exiting from. Scale also has puzzles that aren't totally gross, and they're great too. Give its Kickstarter video a watch after the break.

Doesn't that look excellent? And who cares about the odd spider baddie when you can overrun the world with GIANT BUTTERFLIES? And that's just the tip of an iceberg that can fit in the palm of your hand or be the size of a galaxy. I've played Scale a bit, and one puzzle saw me go inside a house to retrieve a smaller house, take it outside, grow it to normal proportions, shrink the first house, and take it inside with me to place atop a pressure plate. Ouch, my perception of the nature of reality.

And while I haven't gotten to play it, that bit at the end of the video does, in fact, feature an entire level that you can grow and shrink at will. Insane.

Scale's set its Kickstarter funding goal at $87,000, which isn't exactly chump change for a relatively unknown indie. Even at this early stage of development, however, it shows massive (or tiny, or mid-sized; whatever you want, really) potential. I'm definitely pulling for it, though I do worry that it's off to a slightly slow start. What do you think, though? Do you plan on tossing a few coins into its cup?

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