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Screenshot Saturday Sundays: Fluttering flowers, a film of fog, and firs in focus

Weekly gif-ts

Screenshot Saturday! A day for game developers to post their in-progress works and for me to gather them up in a post where I mostly make no effort to pretend I’m not just fantasising about being, and sleeping, outside. Or at least, in the virtual, video game-y outdoors. Which is even better because there are no bugs. This week: a breezy camping trip, some very low-hanging cloud, and some creaky tall trees.

This could be me, taking a nap against a comfy-looking rock like this mountaineer from the appropriately named The Mountaineer.

There’s not much info on The Mountaineer yet but there is a little trailer on its website and the mountains look great. And I want to sleep in the flowers very badly.

Less wind, more fog in this screenshot from Yami.

There is again little information to be had on Yami, though it’s an adventure puzzle game and there’s an angry glowing child on its website. And I would again lie down for some rest here.

And where better to rest your weary head than up against a firm pine tree? I’m sure this character from Greak is right about to catch some Zs.

Greak is a side-scroller with three differently-skilled protagonists, who you can see all together in the header image up there, trying to find their way back home through what looks to be a whole bunch of monsters and more than a few bottomless pits. This is actually the levitating magician Adara, according to the website. So perhaps she’s more likely to spring up into the branches than lie down. But still.

Bonus this week is Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3 because food trucks are technically outdoors and more importantly I haven’t stopped thinking about that utterly wild trailer since I first saw it.

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