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Shake It, Baby: Giving Duke 3D Away For Free

Do you want to play Duke Nukem 3D for free? Well, since it's increasingly difficult to get hold of it on floppy disc and copy it across, the most practical way to do this would be to just take it from Cos they're giving it away for free. Sure, it takes some of the thrill away, but at least you won't be destroying the games industry in 1996. This freebie is intended to lure you in to spend more money at the site, as they've just launched their nonspecific Holiday Sale. Which holiday?! Is it Easter already?

There's some decent prices in there. Very much straight copying Steam's approach, some offers appear to be timed, such as getting a bunch of Bullfrog classics for $11.92 instead of $47.92. Others may well last the course, like 60% off The Witcher 2, or Alan Wake at half price. The joyful Botanicula is down to just five bucks, and you can pick up the splendid Arcanum for just $3.

It's funny how these sale prices do rather reveal how GOG's pricing set up is a little strange. Like Fallout being $5 at 50% off. They were charging $10 for a 15 year old game?! Good grief. Icewind Dale's the same - buh? Anyhow, the sale seems to be reducing these archaic games to more sensible prices, as well as some hefty discounts on more recent releases. And Duke is freeeeeeeee.

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